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Socialight Media Ltd.

Socialight Media Limited is the leading Social Media Solutions provider in Kenya. We help Kenyan businesses leverage Social Media to meet their business objectives.

Our Services comprise helping businesses in Social Media Strategy Formulation, Planning, Implementation, Social Media Policy Formulation, Social Media Monitoring and Analysis, Training, Hiring, and Online Reputation Management.

Socialight Media Ltd. was founded in December 2009 and it has since established itself as a thought leader and the go-to authority in New Media Solutions. As more Kenyan businesses embrace Social Media as a viable frontier for attaining their business objectives, we will continue to deliver intelligent deviations from the norm.

Socialight Media Kenya has been featured in the various dailies in Kenya including CIO East Africa, The Star and Business Daily.

Social Media has over the past few years emerged as a very powerful frontier for businesses to meet their business objectives ranging from marketing, sales, public relations, branding, reputation management, customer care, customer relationship management, product development, to communications. In Kenya, the adoption of Social Media within organizations has just begun and businesses here like everywhere else are facing the same painful adoption process.

The social web is a fast-moving, constantly changing network of information. Organizations trying to adopt these emerging technologies without a strategy are involved in attempts at futility. Most organizations have been caught off-guard by the sheer number of technologies and are at loss on which technologies to use, to what end, and most importantly how best to integrate them within existing organizational structures.

We understand impact of social media to businesses. Socialight Media ensures strategy and execution is right. The future of business requires a holistic approach to adopting and integrating emerging technologies. This is what we do best. We are thought leaders when it comes to all things social media in Kenya and the region as well.

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