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Who are We?

Socialight Media Ltd. is the leading Digital Media Solutions provider in Kenya. We help companies meet their business objectives through digital platforms.

Founded in December 2009, Socialight Media has since established itself as a thought leader Digital Media Solutions not only in Kenya but across the continent as well. As more Businesses embrace Digital Media as a frontier for not only attaining their business objectives but also as the new competitive edge, we are best placed to facilitate this transition for your organization.

The social web is a fast-moving, constantly changing network of information. We understand this Industry. We are early adopters of all emerging technologies. Before we recommend platforms for our clients, we must experience and experiment them first. We advice our clients based on actual know-how and not theory. Do not get caught off-guard by the sheer number of technologies. Do not be at loss on which technologies to use, to what end, and on how best to integrate them within existing organizational structures.

That is what Socialight Media Ltd is here for.

We understand You

We understand that Digital Media Solutions are conduit to achieving business or organizational objectives. We provide a Holistic Approach to adopting and integrating emerging technologies across all departments and branches.

We study your business objectives ranging from marketing, sales, public relations, branding, reputation management, customer care, customer relationship management, product development, to communications and then advice on strategy.

We then DELIVER against the STRATEGY developed!

We provide Solutions

Our Digital Media solutions comprise IT Strategy Development, Planning and Implementation, Business process automation, Interactive, rich user interfaces, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Database and Big Data, APIs Development, Content Development and Management, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics / Metrics Integration, Video / Audio Integration, Digital Advertisements, ICT Training/Speaking, Cloud Computing, ICT Audit Services, Digital Policy Formulation, Social Media Marketing, Monitoring and Analysis, Social Media Coverage of Events, Online Reputation Management.

Young Experienced Team

We have a very young and experienced Team that will deliver above par and on time on any assignment. Our Team comprises accomplished Digital Media experts, Web and Application Developers, Graphic Designers, Animators, Editors etc. Our work speaks for itself both in Kenya and across the continent.

Simplicity is the key

We are the best because we are able to strip issues to its very basic and core elements to be able to automate efficient business processes, create responsive platforms, develop and analyse databases and also to communicate better on platforms that actually matter to your target audience. AFTER  building of the supporting back-end infrastructure to improve your organization, we help you communicate better by marrying your tone of voice with the tone of channels that we adopt.

So, Call us?

If you are thinking of adopting Digital Media in the running of your company, instead of facing the same painful adoption process; call us!

We make your transition process easier, timely but most importantly we help your build a better business.