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Fibre Optic in Rift Valley: A highway without cars!

It is pointless to have a smooth highway which has no cars. No cars means that no drivers, no passengers, no goods transported to and fro, no toll stations, no traffic police, no business people selling stuff by the roadside, and therefore no economic sense whatsoever for having that road constructed in the first place. […]

Trouble Brewing for Advertisers: The new Media Law

A new media law was gazetted some days back. This lay has had many media organizations and Human Rights Groups up in arms.  That this media law is retrogressive is not in question. That it is archaic and an affront to the Kenyan public is not up for discussion. But the reaction from the greater […]

Company Websites: Brochures Online!

Communication always takes the path of least resistance… Ever walked into a Government office? There are a lot of angry people over there. May be it is the lousy pay, maybe it is the lousy jobs, maybe the angry face just grows on you once you get employed there but whatever the case, these faces […]

Brands you have Fun with and Brands you Marry

You have probably heard the contemporary saying that “there is the girl you go out with and there is the girl you marry”. Likewise, there are brands that we flirt with and there are those that we take home to meet the parents. Nothing proves this best than the mobile telephony industry in the country. […]

Social Media Adoption no longer a matter of Choice

I was a studious member and later VP of AIESEC at the University. What I learned through AIESEC rivals what I learned in the lecture halls. Amongst the many team building activities we engaged was this particularly interesting one. We would break off into two groups and each group would choose one of its own […]

TV Adverts vs. Social Media

Years ago when I was in high school, we were in one of those classes that were subdivided such that they could be opened up to create one large conference hall. The board dividing them was quite thin such that we got into trouble for making noise when there was a teacher imparting knowledge in […]

The Kenyan Social Media Scene

Kenya is the hub of the region even rivaling powerhouses of the continent, the likes of South Africa and Egypt, on several fronts. But what distinguishes Kenya from the rest of the continent is her people. We have no natural resources like South Africa yet we are as strong as we are. All that is […]

Welcome Aboard Socialight Media Kenya

I thought this website launch would be under very different circumstances. I thought it would be done by now so that I do not have to chase down the the clock to beat the midnight deadline. The deadline that will see us cross-over to the new year. I thought I would be doing this in […]

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • December 19, 2009