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Bounce Rates and Stunning Women

Bounce Rates and Stunning Women

If there is anything that is hardcoded into a man, it is appreciation of a good looking woman. There is no man I have seen who has not let his eyes wander at the sight of a stunning beauty. Different things draw us to them. It may be their curvy shapes, beautiful faces, seductive eyes, or confidence in their stride. It may be their dressing, a smile, how she talks or even that peculiar birth mark on her face. Whatever the case, a beautiful woman gets out attention.

However, it is never that easy. For a man to tell apart a stunning woman from the less stunning women, it means he has to stare at all women. This is hard work and therefore a quick vetting process has to be in place otherwise too much time would be wasted.

Men will stare at any woman who walks by and will then make the decision whether someone is worth the effort or not. If there is nothing outstanding from the initial gaze, men bounce – they look elsewhere. If there are features that are worth admiring, they will continue observing and taking notes – mental or otherwise. Observation might be overt or covert but I assure you one thing, we do observe.

This past Friday, I found myself in one of these situations which got me thinking that this is actually blog worthy. I was walking in the CBD when this lady brushed up against me and she rushed somewhere. I quickly glanced at her then quickly away. But she caught my wandering eye when I was already starting to move my eyes away. My glancing away not because I was caught staring but because she lacked the features that would otherwise have kept my attention for a while long. I felt the disappointment in her and read it all over her face as she turned and walked away.

In the case of a stunning looking lady, it is a different script altogether. Men do not just stare, we take notes. Men examine every feature because when they tell friends later in the day, their friends always ask for the nitty-gritty’s. If it was a woman’s face that grabbed a man’s attention, they will then look at other features that define beauty as well which vary from man to man. These features may comprise dressing, sense of fashion, hair, make-up, lips, body shape, skin tone, smile, assets and her friends too. Some men may even react in a varied number of ways based on their moral standing. For the uncultured, ululations and cat calls are the common reactions usually accompanied by intention remarks. For the subtle, they may casually compliment you. For some, an invitation to engage some more in the form of a date will be the recourse.

Unless in cases where there are snide remarks to beautiful women, women generally appreciate when men acknowledge their beauty and compliment them. And I have observed some women sink in despair when compliments are on other women and not them.

What does this have to do with social media?

In your website analytics, there is something called the Bounce Rate and another thing called average-time-spent-on-site. According to Wikipedia, “bounce rate refers to the percentage of initial visitors to a site who bounce away to a different site rather than onto other pages within the same site” or who just from glancing realize that this is not what they were looking for and leave. The time spent on site is just that, the time someone spends reading the content on your website and it has a very big correlation with bounce rate. The most common scenario in many websites is that the bounce rate is really high and the time spent on the site borders at near zero. The question that you have to then ask yourself is how do you make people stay longer on your site, how do you position yourself to be better found online by people who are looking for information related to what you are providing in your website? And that is where the correlation with beautiful women comes in.

A good website like a stunning woman

When we as men see a gorgeous lady, we don’t just stare, we observe and some even go further. We take notes, we make mental notes, we tell our friends, we comment, and we might even engage. When a lady does not have the features that can initially draw us in, we realize this from just seconds of staring and then look elsewhere. But when she tickles our fancy, she has the holding power because she holds our attention for the duration that she is in view. The math is really simple here, if she’s hot – you stare at her longer. If she’s not, you look elsewhere. And the same goes for your site. And just to be clear, please read on carefully.

With regard to your website, this beauty can be elicited in a number of ways. Is your content compelling? Is there any visual appeal to your website? Are the colours of your website right or matching? Is the layout of your website descent? How is the navigation in your website? Can I move from page to page with ease and without getting lost? Is the title of your post inviting? From a good combination of all these, you should be able to hold interest for long enough for people start looking at what else you can offer. This will improve the average number of page views. Just by loving what they first find when they land on your site, they will delve deeper, into the previous pages and posts to get a feel of just how deep this beauty runs. If they still love you a couple of pages in, they will check out your services to see what else you can offer that they cannot tell from just looking. If the range and depth is impressive, they will decide to engage by visiting the contacts page and dropping you a line.

There are loopholes though because you do not want to be that hot lady who fits the quintessential definition of blonde. A good looking website that has shitty content will be the butt of jokes, blonde jokes. You may have had one good post and the rest are shitty and that too works against you. You may look really good but cannot hold a conversation, you lose. You may really impress on the visual but I have only heard of trophy wives, not websites. In this arena, a good looking website can only take you so far. To go further, you need a lot more working for you. And you must remember that just as people love to tell their friends when they have seen or experienced something stunning, they will make fun of you to those very friends if you turn out be less than what you have been billed off to be. Therefore ensure that you are a beauty with brains.

Lastly, you may feel inclined to throw in the “inside beauty” line in the comment section below but I will preempt that by saying this – you must give people reason to hang around for long enough to discover this beauty.

I have been speaking as a man here but I believe that the ladies out there have a similar thin going for the men they meet. Ladies, gentlemen, the floor is yours…

  • Marvin,An interesting read. Please, can you let me know sometime nextweek, from your GA- what will be the time spent on this page, Bounce Rate and Exit Rate. Just for this page – would like to clue you then, for a follow up artice beyond the Bounce rate. Meanwhile, did you have a read on article I had mentioned you in:http://www.kachwanya.com/2010/09/01/7-amazing-digital-marketing-influences-awaiting-to-happen-in-africa

    • Marvin Tumbo

      Thanks. I will do that. I have just read the article. Thanks for the mention. I don’t know how I missed that. I usually have alerts for mentions of my name and company online.

  • WoW Interesting article. we just know this but we didn’t use it 🙂 thanks a lot

    • Marvin Tumbo

      I am glad you loved the article and that it proved useful.