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Turning Politics on its Head towards 2012

A while back, a friend (Mikul) mentioned to me the possibility of having all people vying to be members of parliament in an online database of sorts through which Kenyans could, media, and International Media could monitor the happenings in Kenyan Politics on a county by county or constituency by constituency basis. This idea really […]

Social Media uptake by Kenyan Journalists

If there is one tweet that made my day this year, it is the one by Jeff Koinange where he tweeted that “This Titter Stuff is DaBomb.” During an interview with one of my favourite Kenyans, Mutahi Ngunyi, I wondered why Jeff did not have a twitter account yet he is one of the most […]

Social Media Monitoring

I got to see what’s up before it gets me down is a line in a song by Common in his Finding Forever album. When you look at most of the online crises that got the better of the companies involved, the common denominator is that they were caught unawares. Getting caught with your pants […]

Social Media for Political Accountability

A few weeks back, our Prime Minister kicked off a storm in not only the media but the social media scene as well when he called for the arrest of gays and lesbians in the country. Given how conservative Kenya usually is, I was surprised at how Kenyans reacted because this attack did not go […]

Social Media is a Social Contract

During the Global Peace Convention which happened in Nairobi this past week, Uriel Gbenga of Landmark Internships, Nigeria, said something quite interesting. He said that participation in social media is tantamount to entering into a social contract with other people. I was/am a student of Sociology and Economics and his statement took me back to […]

Opt In vs. Opt Out and Kenyan Brands

The following are the standard definitions: An “opt in” requires an action or affirmation by an individual for inclusion; the default is exclusion; An “opt out” requires an action or affirmation for exclusion; the default is inclusion. When I sign up for a newsletter, I have opted in. When I subscribe to a blog, I […]

Kenyan Politics, Mainstream Media, Social Media and Hate Speech

Months back, I wrote about the KTN Kenya Facebook Fanpage which I condemned for being too lax in its commenting policy – which was officially nonexistent but I still expected some sort of moderation. Back then, the Jamaican Cleric who was said to be on the Terror watchlist was the subject of discussion on the […]

Kenyan Politics and Social Media

This post was inspired by @gmeltdown with whom I had an interesting discussion on Twitter yester night. Earlier in the day, following Ruto’s flight to the Hague, #RutoPlaylist became a worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter as Kenyans On Twitter creatively played around the hashtag by adding some renown songs that fit the theme of Ruto […]

Kenya's Digital Life: TNS Report

Close to three weeks ago, a friend shared with me a link to what was touted as the largest ever digital research project. I was pretty excited because I expected it to more or less put figures to what is basically the selling point of my business as a digital strategist. I proceeded to download the various […]

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • November 2, 2010
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