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Social Intelligence in Social Media

At the University where I studied Economics and Sociology, we were taught that social intelligence is the ability of an individual to relate to social situations of daily life. Further, we were taught that social intelligence comprises the ability to understand other people and to react in such a way toward them that the desired […]

Social Media, Telling Stories and Sharing Experiences

Source: MyExtraLife Whenever you hear about social media, phrases like “shared experiences” are usually around the corner. And this is as real and as tangible as a bill board on Uhuru Highway, but more potent. Almost a fortnight ago, on a Sunday, I wrote a tweet saying that my girl goes to church for both […]

Bounce Rates and Stunning Women

If there is anything that is hardcoded into a man, it is appreciation of a good looking woman. There is no man I have seen who has not let his eyes wander at the sight of a stunning beauty. Different things draw us to them. It may be their curvy shapes, beautiful faces, seductive eyes, […]

E-Tourism East Africa Conference

The E Tourism East Africa Conference will be commencing on the 2nd of September and I can’t wait. The press release sent to me partly reads: East African tourism industry stakeholders are set to benefit immensely from discourses on e tourism to be presented at a regional e tourism conference set for early next week. […]

Will E-Commerce Take-off in Kenya

This tweet by @gmeltdown caught my attention a fortnight ago. TEAMS, SEACOM and EASSY are great; but am not convinced we needed international bandwidth to grow e-commerce in Kenya It really got me thinking… Then that Saturday, I caught up with Joshua Mwaniki at iHub during the World Cyber Games which Kalahari had sponsored. Mwaniki […]

Safaricom’s New Media (Twitter) Customer Care

If you doubt that social media has already become an indispensable tool for communication and customer care here in Kenya, Safaricom’s recent activities on twitter should convince you otherwise especially as a business owner… Their official twitter account is @SafaricomLtd. Customer care is where most companies get it wrong. Twitter and the various social networks […]

Financial Industry Blogging in Kenya

I wrote on why you need a Corporate Blog but for some reason I feel the need to reiterate the point once more but with a focus on the Banking sector. Finance has always been very close to my heart. Economics was my favourite course at the University, closely rivaled by sociology. I have read […]

Kenya Mainstream Media and Social Media Marriage

For a long time, mainstream media viewed social media with skepticism as journalists took shots at bloggers for all manner of reasons. But increasingly, social media and especially blogging has already claimed its place and now Twitter (over 20 billion tweets so far) and Facebook (over 500 million users) are flexing their muscles. In Kenya, […]

Tone of Channel

Mark Stephenson, the MD of Sandstorm Kenya – the World Renowned Luxury Bag Maker, sent me a DM on Tuesday the other week and it read “Tone of Channel – lets discuss.” So that Wednesday morning, I swung by his office and we had a long chat about Tone of Channel. Having been in Advertising […]

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