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Content is Storytelling

The best parts of the meeting with Jesse Soleil were the aaaaaahh moments as he let us in on some company secrets. Content is Storytelling When you look at any content that we have online, we are each trying to tell stories; his story, her story, my story, our story, their story etc. These stories […]

What if KPLC was on Twitter?

Yesterday night, as it approached midnight, my gtalk icon jumps up as it always does whenever there is new email and a quick glance shows me that KPLC Public Relations is now following me on Twitter. My blood rushed a little bit as I said finally! There has been a steady influx of big companies […]

New Media Education, Jesse Soleil – Part One

There has been something which I hope to initiate as a side project on learning with a social media twist. I have this belief that Social Media and especially blogging can have such an impact on education and how students approach learning. I wrote a loose blog on how this would work, conceptually. I am […]

Kenyan Adverts Going Viral?

At the 2nd Tandaa Symposium a fortnight ago, Jim Chuchu from Just A Band rose to speak on “Viral Campaigns” and because of the Makmende phenomenon, he had the ear of everybody present. His presentation was interesting and one of the things that stood out for me was that immediately after their Makmende Video going […]

Foursquare for Kenyan Businesses

While I was researching on this topic, I Googled ‘Foursquare in Kenya” and the top ranking result was “Foursquare Church of Kenya”, I swear. I immediately posted it on Twitter and it got a couple of LMAOs and WTFs. But whether you find this funny or strange or both, it’s a telling finding because other […]

Bridging the Divide: A call to Kenyan Techpreneurs

Something has been irking me lately. I follow social media news every waking day and if you have subscribed to Mashable, Techcrunch and to the leading social media bloggers in the world, then you have an idea what my inbox looks like every morning. I take the trouble of reading almost every post, most of […]

Social Media Phobia

Are you familiar with those kids shoes that honk when they walk. Most Kids love them precisely because of the noise they produce when walking. Just the other day, I walked past this tiny kid who was walking as if her sole intention was to make as much noise as possible from her shoes. She […]

The Tandaa Symposium on Film and Animation – Overview

The Tandaa Symposium on Film and Animation took place on 6th May 2010 at the Kenyan National Museum – Louis Leaky Auditorium and it was a great event for those who attended. For those who could not make it, the following is an overview of what took place… I got to the Tandaa Symposium a […]

The Tandaa Symposium on Film and Animation

The following is a write-up on the Tandaa Symposium on Film and Animation that will be taking place this Thursday, the 6th at the Kenya National Museum – Louis Leakey Auditorium. I will be speaking on how social media affects marketing and distribution of Films today – specifically through targeting the fanbase and monetizing the […]

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