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Safaricom’s New Media (Twitter) Customer Care

If you doubt that social media has already become an indispensable tool for communication and customer care here in Kenya, Safaricom’s recent activities on twitter should convince you otherwise especially as a business owner… Their official twitter account is @SafaricomLtd. Customer care is where most companies get it wrong. Twitter and the various social networks […]

Choice of Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Today, I experienced yet another social media moment in a Matatu. I was waiting at the stage when one of these typical Nairobi Matatus stopped by. The music was loud, the TV ridiculously big, the colours flashy, and to top it all up, a conductor and river with an attitude. I was in no particular […]

Social Media Policies in Kenya

Kenyan Businesses are now joining the ranks of world businesses that have been debating the use and abuse of social media by employees. And quite rashly, most Kenyan businesses have banned and more are in the process of instituting a total ban on Social Media usage within their organizations. Judging by the demeanor of business […]

Social Media: Human Connections for Business Relations

I was in a Matatu heading to town when another social media moment happened. The Matatu that I was in was half empty and so the conductor was sitting with half his body outside the window as he whistled at potential passengers. Then he sees two guys approaching from the feeder road and reacts by […]

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