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“Pulse Watasema” Trends on Twitter

In the days gone by, any form of libel by a media personality would see the said persons go to court to seek legal redress. And as much as this is still the same in most instances, we are seeing and will continue a more public, more potent, and ultimately a more devastating recourse by […]

Bounce Rates and Stunning Women

If there is anything that is hardcoded into a man, it is appreciation of a good looking woman. There is no man I have seen who has not let his eyes wander at the sight of a stunning beauty. Different things draw us to them. It may be their curvy shapes, beautiful faces, seductive eyes, […]

Social Media for Kenyan NGO’s

The NGO sector in Kenya is big. The Kenyan Government immensely lacks in the delivery of basic amenities and it is the NGO Sector that has for the most part come in to fill the gaps. Take the Kenya Red Cross Society for instance; they have time and time again been the first and sometimes […]

Why more Kenyans should start Blogging

I started blogging way back when I was still at the university (2008). My blog – Still Proud to be Kenyan – was the pride of my life back then. Every free time I had would be spent writing a post and boy did I have a lot to say. I blogged on anything and […]

Execution makes Successful Entrepreneurs

This past Saturday, I was speaking at the 140 Conference in Nairobi on Twitter for social causes in Nailab. Among the speakers and active participants were Paula Kahumbu of Wildlife Direct, Juliana Rotich of Ushahidi, Moses Kemibaro of Dotsavvy, Josiah Wanyama of Pamoja Media, Aly-Khan Satchu of Rich.co.ke, Mikul Shah of Eat Out, Ngeny, and […]

Kenyan Businesses on Facebook

I have been curious so I set out to determine how Kenyan Businesses are utilizing social networks in their businesses. Specifically, I wanted to establish how both Facebook Fanpage and Twitter are being used but decided to start with Facebook first. So I posed this question via Twitter while I set out to do further […]

Eat Out – the new dining revolution in Kenya.

When I came across Eat Out, I was pretty dumbfounded. Being a vocal advocate for local digital content and given the conversations I have been having lately around local digital content creation and its monetization, I decided that I must do a feature on Eat Out – the dining revolution. But better than just one […]

Kenyans Doing it Right Online

I have decided to start a series of posts whose frequency I am yet to determine but which will primarily focus on Kenyans who are doing it- right as far as social media and local digital content goes. This idea has been informed by the urgent need of am Kenyan platform that showcases social media […]

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