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Perception is Reality – Martha Karua Anecdote

This is not a political post; it just draws lessons from a political figure and the political landscape. A few weeks back, someone in my Twitter timeline mentioned that Kanye West had not only joined twitter but he was tweeting some hilarious stuff. Given I love the man’s music; I unashamedly followed him and started […]

Shit Happens: So which PR Firm Changes your Diapers?

If you have taken care of a kid before, then you have probably also had the harrowing experience pleasure of changing their diapers when they take a dump (my apologies, I don’t have a politically correct way to say this). And no matter how cute a baby is, their shit still stinks. But before you […]

Pitching to Kenyan Bloggers

Kenyan PR Firms are waking up to the reality of social media. Over the past few months, I have received several pitches from some of the leading PR firms mostly sending me press releases and seeking coverage of their clients’ products or services on my blog. While it is laudable that these firms and their […]

Your Network is your Net Worth – Social Networking

I think I read this line on a blog or in my twitter feed. It caught my eye because it is a powerful statement that brings into focus why we need to have social networks and better yet how to utilize these networks for our respective businesses. There are many platforms that fall within the […]

Kenya Shifting towards Digital Marketing

Lately and you can bare me witness, digital marketing in its many forms and shapes is more and more becoming the focal point by those in the know. Print media and traditional advertisement avenues are slowly dying and its victims are trying to remain relevant hence their rebirths in digital form online. The only way […]

Responding to Criticism Online

The Kenyan online scene is getting busier and with it the problems associated with social media like negative reviews about brands and products, and greater commentary about experiences – good and bad. This post today helps to teach Kenyan companies how to react to negative comments posted about them in social networks. You cannot please […]

Blogging and the Art of Pursuasion

All forms of advertisement seek one and one thing alone, to persuade their target audience. Advertisements try to manipulate information and exploit perceptions in order to persuade people that their product is superior with varying degrees of success. According to what we were taught at the University about persuasion, the effectiveness of any persuasion campaign […]

Social Media Use by Kenyan PR Agencies

A recent Burson-Marsteller study found that “79 percent of the largest 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 index are using at least one of the most popular social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or corporate blogs.” Embedded below is a presentation on the facts and figures of the same from the Burson-Marsteller blog. Global […]

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