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Using Social Media to create a Loyalty Loop

  While the struggle to sufficiently measure the impact of social media to a company’s bottom line continues, many businesses are still exploring ways in which they can use social media and hopefully measure its impact. But as executives cry about effect on bottom-line and seek justification for allocating more funds to social media, let’s […]

How much does Social Media cost in Kenya?

Businesses in Kenya are increasingly realizing the value of social media; and that is a good thing. But with value comes cost and that is what I would like to delve into today. Is Social Media Cheap? The word out there is that social media is cheap and many a social media practitioner in Kenya […]

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • September 13, 2011

Social Media and 2012 Elections in Kenya

    Image via Flickr It is now clear that Social Media will this coming election pay a more crucial role than before with regard to shaping public opinion and winning support of the masses. A couple of things set Kenya apart in comparison to other African countries especially with regard to active use of […]

“Pulse Watasema” Trends on Twitter

In the days gone by, any form of libel by a media personality would see the said persons go to court to seek legal redress. And as much as this is still the same in most instances, we are seeing and will continue a more public, more potent, and ultimately a more devastating recourse by […]

State of Social Media for Kenyan Listed Companies

This is the research done by Socialight Media’s South African Partner, Interactive Concepts, where we looked at the state of social media for listed companies in Kenya. This research was presented at the Tandaa¬†Symposium¬†on the 17th of February by Japie Swanepoel. Interactive Concepts Online Status of KE Companies

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • February 23, 2011

Maturity of Social Media in Kenya

Last Sunday, we had the 6th Tandaa Event by Kenya ICT Board, sponsored by Google, taking place at Sarova Stanley. I got there late to find our new South African partner Japie from Interactive Concepts had already talked. From the feedback I got from a couple of friends there, the presentation was superb. Japie had […]

Turning Politics on its Head towards 2012

A while back, a friend (Mikul) mentioned to me the possibility of having all people vying to be members of parliament in an online database of sorts through which Kenyans could, media, and International Media could monitor the happenings in Kenyan Politics on a county by county or constituency by constituency basis. This idea really […]

Kenyan Companies need Brand Advocates

Every time I have a bone to pick with a company, I sometimes get one person who will disagree with me and tell me that this company is not that bad; that I must have caught them at a bad time or talked to the wrong person. Sometimes, in an attempt to show me that […]

Horrid Adverts on Kenyan TV

The worst part about Kenyan TV programming which is now overrun by soap after soap after freaking soap are the frequent adverts that are just as great an eyesore as the soaps. And frankly, the scripts may actually be written by the same person. While the soaps have too much crying in them, the adverts […]

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