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Upcoming Storymoja Hay Festival Kenya

Just got this from a friend who asked me to share it with you. Open to the general public, the Storymoja Hay Festival brings together writers, storytellers, environmentalists, poets, business leaders and education professionals to share stories and ideas. The festival will also be the culmination of a city-wide storytelling competition for young people (the […]

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • September 9, 2010

Kenya Tourism Board Slaughtered at E-Tourism East Africa Conference

The E-tourism East Africa Conference came to an end last Friday and in a very dramatic fashion if I may add. Kenya Tourism Board was the reason behind these heightened emotions at the conference. To the naked eye, KTB had a very good presentation. They hit all the high notes. They talked about the work […]

The E-Tourism East Africa Conference – Day 1 Recap

Please forgive the late publishing – I have had a clients work which I had put on hold to attend the conference, to finish and meetings all week long. I have not put any links but I will once work eases off. This is only the first days recap. Second Day’s recap is for another […]

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • September 7, 2010

Apologies to Maendeleo Speaker Series Organizers and Attendees

Let me start by expressing my sincerest apologies to the attendees on the Maendeleo Speaker Series organized by the Bridging Staff. I was to speak there on August 25, 2010 (this past Wednesday) on How to Leverage Social Media for their Businesses. I received the invitation last month and had prepared quite the presentation for […]

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • August 26, 2010

Social Media’s Role in Zain/Safaricom War!

It is a fact that many Kenyans are in a love-hate relationship with Safaricom, myself included. My beef with Safaricom is on so many layers but I stay because of reasons I wrote in earlier post – Safaricom is the girl you marry. But it seems that the Safaricom marriage is on the rocks. The […]

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • August 24, 2010

Financial Industry Blogging in Kenya

I wrote on why you need a Corporate Blog but for some reason I feel the need to reiterate the point once more but with a focus on the Banking sector. Finance has always been very close to my heart. Economics was my favourite course at the University, closely rivaled by sociology. I have read […]

World Cyber Games Kenya – iHub

Just made it to world cyber games here at iHub and I love the environment already. are quite a number of gamers who have made it here and I thought I’d share some pictures with you as the event moves along… Update: The games are well under way with semifinals in some like FIFA 2010 […]

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • August 7, 2010

Responsible Blogging

Yesterday evening, I was sitting at home watching NTV where they were playing music advocating for peace especially with the referendum coming up. What caught me off-guard was just how much I still associate some of the songs with the state of mind I had during the post election violence. “Wakenya Pamoja” and “Daima Kenya” […]

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • August 3, 2010

KPLC Debuts on Twitter but having it Rough!

A while back, I wrote an article here called “what if KPLC was on Twitter?” and sure enough, they have just recently officially set foot on Twitter (@kenyapower) but are having a rough time there. I would like to think they read my article but given their activities on Twitter, apparently not. I took it […]

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