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Kenya Banking Industry and Social Media: KCB Case Study

I have been a client at KCB for the past five years. If you ask me why I chose it over the others, I couldn’t tell you. What I know is that I was supposed to have a bank account before I could be eligible for the Helb Loans. KCB for some strange reason is […]

Advertising Revenues for Nation Media Drying Up! Or What?

Lately, Nation Media has been on a campaign trail that seeks to remind people that advertising with them is beneficial for their businesses.  I have been wondering why this and why now because frankly, the reason they never advertised this before was because they never needed to. They (mainstream media) were the only kids on […]

Social Media in Kenyan Universities

In a recent comment, a reader requested to quote me in her research which dwelt on social media usage within Kenyan Universities. I was quite elated because the same issue has been doing rounds my mind lately and her comment forced me to put my thoughts on the issue on paper and hence this post. […]

Reputation Management: Kenyan Companies Losing Face Online

Last year, I wrote a post on my personal blog that became quite controversial here. I took apart our University system for its archaic form of education that has failed to take into consideration the changing times. My bone of contention was that our University curriculum as currently constituted labeled as best only those who […]

Social Media Exposes Liars

We have all lied at one point or another in our lives. Lying comes in many forms, colours, scales and for just as varied reasons. And we must be lying a lot as people as Wikipedia elaborates with the many classifications of lies. There are big lies, barefaced lies, bluffs, white lies, emergency lies, exaggerations, […]

Fibre Optic in Rift Valley: A highway without cars!

It is pointless to have a smooth highway which has no cars. No cars means that no drivers, no passengers, no goods transported to and fro, no toll stations, no traffic police, no business people selling stuff by the roadside, and therefore no economic sense whatsoever for having that road constructed in the first place. […]

Company Websites: Brochures Online!

Communication always takes the path of least resistance… Ever walked into a Government office? There are a lot of angry people over there. May be it is the lousy pay, maybe it is the lousy jobs, maybe the angry face just grows on you once you get employed there but whatever the case, these faces […]

Social Media Adoption no longer a matter of Choice

I was a studious member and later VP of AIESEC at the University. What I learned through AIESEC rivals what I learned in the lecture halls. Amongst the many team building activities we engaged was this particularly interesting one. We would break off into two groups and each group would choose one of its own […]

The Kenyan Social Media Scene

Kenya is the hub of the region even rivaling powerhouses of the continent, the likes of South Africa and Egypt, on several fronts. But what distinguishes Kenya from the rest of the continent is her people. We have no natural resources like South Africa yet we are as strong as we are. All that is […]

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