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Social Media and 2012 Elections in Kenya

    Image via Flickr It is now clear that Social Media will this coming election pay a more crucial role than before with regard to shaping public opinion and winning support of the masses. A couple of things set Kenya apart in comparison to other African countries especially with regard to active use of […]

Social Media for Kenyan SMEs

What you are not prepared to understand or accomplish you will neither understand nor accomplish.This is just common sense as someone recently pointed out to me. But the truth is, its not so common. Matter of fact, it is approaching rare especially in circles where it should be common… The reason we are all where […]

Customer Care Reloaded! KDN Case Study.

In this age of Social Media where consumer generated content reigns supreme, companies have no choice but to include social media as part of their customer care itinerary. And when your company comes under attack in social media channels, the following KDN Case Study showcases the do’s and don’ts of social media engagement. It all […]

Social Media Policies in Kenya

Kenyan Businesses are now joining the ranks of world businesses that have been debating the use and abuse of social media by employees. And quite rashly, most Kenyan businesses have banned and more are in the process of instituting a total ban on Social Media usage within their organizations. Judging by the demeanor of business […]

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