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Foursquare for Kenyan Businesses

While I was researching on this topic, I Googled ‘Foursquare in Kenya” and the top ranking result was “Foursquare Church of Kenya”, I swear. I immediately posted it on Twitter and it got a couple of LMAOs and WTFs. But whether you find this funny or strange or both, it’s a telling finding because other […]

Social Media and Product Placement

Update: What I had earlier referred to as product positioning is actually Product Placement. Please read the rest with this in mind – thank you Esther for the correction. Product positioning is something that has recently been brought to mind and it took me back to a post I wrote a while back on one […]

Social Media Jobs in Kenya

No communication is better than the person who engages in it. Kenyan businesses who have adopted social media are in the process of finding this out. For most, communication for whatever reason has been limited to press releases and mass distribution of standardized letters. It is only after incorporating social media (without a social media […]

Social Media Marketing

My good friend, Githii, told me an interesting story that just spelt anecdote. He told me of this kid in primary school who was sent to the shop by his teacher to buy a bottle of soda. The soda was opened and the temptation to taste it overwhelmed his fear for the teacher. So he […]

Web Analytics Lacking in Kenyan Businesses

Wikipedia defines web analytics as “the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.” What you cannot measure you cannot improve is a phrase that seems to have been lost to many companies advertising themselves online in Kenya. Part of my work as a Social Media Strategist […]

Social Media Adoption no longer a matter of Choice

I was a studious member and later VP of AIESEC at the University. What I learned through AIESEC rivals what I learned in the lecture halls. Amongst the many team building activities we engaged was this particularly interesting one. We would break off into two groups and each group would choose one of its own […]

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