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Factors Influencing Social Media Adoption by Businesses

Factors Influencing Social Media Adoption by Businesses

I have always had a certain weakness for Sociology related subjects and discourse. In high school, my favourite subject was hands down social ethics and at the University, although very adept at Economics, Sociology was always just as if not more interesting than Economics. My Sociology lessons have informed a lot of what I do, how I do it, and generally my whole thought process.  Therefore, my running a social media company is by no means an accident.

Today, while marveling at my social psychology notes, I chanced upon a very interesting page on Learning. From our notes, we defined Learning as:

A modification of behaviour through experience or acquisition of new behaviour patterns.

Interesting too was the general agreement on learning that:

Learning takes place every time one adjusts to a new situation, adopts a new pattern of behaviour or modifies existing behaviours that influence his/her future performance or attitudes.

Looking at social media adoption by businesses, I believe that this is a learning process and the few businesses that are currently making use of social media in Kenya are providing a learning curve for other businesses that will stream in when the evidence of the benefits of social media locally become tangible. But for businesses to adapt to the new situation that is social media, to adopt the new patterns that arise from the advent of consumer generated content, and to modify current strategies by incorporating social media to complement existing business models, there must be a source that necessitates this change.

From my social psychology notes, we called these sources “Factors Affecting Learning” and they were as follows:

1. Maturation

Maturation implies the readiness to learn based on physiological development and mental capacity of the learner to acquire new knowledge.

2. Motivation

Motivation is the force that determines how much effort an individual puts into his/her learning.

3. Attitude

Attitude is a mental state of readiness acquired through experience.

4. Emotions

Emotional investment as a source of learning has a profound effect on learning.

5. Intelligence

This is the capacity to acquire an applied knowledge.

6. Active Involvement

This is the learning process which implies the deliberate effort by the learner towards acquisition of new knowledge.

7. Full Attention

This implies maintenance of concentration in the process of learning.

8. Clear Learning Objectives

Clear learning objectives should be known to the learner such that he/she can utilize this knowledge for some meaningful purpose.

9. Appropriate Instructional Method

This implies use of skills for every level of learning putting into consideration the age and ability of the learner.

Easily, these nine factors can be attributed to social media adoption by businesses. Social Media is new media that businesses have not encountered before and in order to utilize social media in any meaningful way for their business, the above is the learning curve that will lead them home.

What other factors can you add to the above mentioned?

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