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‘Give a Book, Catch a Dream’

‘Give a Book, Catch a Dream’

A good friend of mine and great friends of Socialight Media have asked me to share this with you. Service for Peace is who they are and they are inviting you to give a book… Please read on.

Give a Book, Catch a Dream’ Book Drive launched towards equipping the ‘DreamCatcher Library’ Initiative.

(February 16, 2011) Starting January 26th, Service for Peace-Kenya volunteers rolled out a Book Drive exercise themed‘Give a Book, Catch a Dream’ aimed at collecting 5000 books, journals, magazines, storybooks, newspapers, comics and any other form of literature that would be beneficial to young developing minds.

“We are targeting to collect at least 5000 books or more in readiness for the launch of the DreamCatcher Library situated in Dagoreti at the Children’s Garden Home and School, which is one of our Community of Peace Centers. The project will go a long way in helping the young children nurture and realize their dreams’’ says Becky Gitonga, the SFP-Kenya Chapter Director.

The Book Drive will mainly be conducted by community volunteers and learning institutions, with support from religious and corporate organizations.

This will be a first of a series of Book Drives that Service For Peace intends to undertake across the country as part of its DreamCatcher Library Initiative that seeks to capture the dreams of those who would not otherwise have the opportunity. Individuals, schools, organizations, churches, families and businesses are invited to join in this endeavor by making their donations for books that are not in use or in the purchase of books.

“Our charge to all is ‘if you are not using it, then turn into a seed and sow it to those who need it’. Only we can change the fortunes of the less fortunate around us. Its takes one step, one initiative, it can be as simple as giving one book’, Becky strongly affirmed.

Statistics on the education sector in Kenya shows that 1,031,544 (1 in 26) children of primary school going age remain out of school.  Service For Peace focuses on bridging the gap by focusing on changing the educational opportunities and fortunes for children from disadvantaged communities.

Through a partnership with Service For Peace in Korea, the chapter in Kenya embarked on the development of one of its model projects, the ‘DreamCatcher Library’, at a Home and School for rescued children.  Children’s Garden is one of Service For Peace’s focus communities and offers Kindergarten to High School education.  The development and completion of the library was done with the help of local and international volunteers through service initiatives organized by the Service For Peace team.

‘Organizing meaningful service initiatives that are transformational for the individual and communities is one of Service For Peace’s core strengths’ added Becky.

On March 9th, 2011 during an ongoing seven day international service program referred to as ‘Global PeaceMakers’, the official launch of the DreamCatcher Library will take place. The Global PeaceMakers program is the Organization’s international service program that brings together international students and volunteers to participate in a service project alongside local volunteers. The ceremony is expected to bring together key dignitaries that include the area MP and other local Government, area district education officers and other dignitaries from the corporate and Non Governmental Organizations.

The DreamCatcher Library is focused on improving the learning opportunities for these communities, expanding a culture of reading books and fostering a culture of service.  The Library also serves as a resource and communication center that supports literacy initiatives for the larger community.

About Service For Peace

Service For Peace-Kenya is a non-profit organization that provides service and learning opportunities through community projects which promote transformational and sustainable personal and community transformations.

More information on Service For Peace-Kenya can be found at http://serviceforpeace.org.


  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • March 3, 2011
  • This is my first visit on this site and i really enjoyed this post and i appreciate with your work. Thanks for sharing.