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It’s not my Fault that I don’t know you!

It’s not my Fault that I don’t know you!

The Myth that most businesses are coming to terms with when it comes to their websites is that the “build it and they will come” philosophy has never worked. These businesses are realizing that building it is just but a small part of the bigger picture. And today, that bigger picture comes with the creation of social networks and using them to funnel traffic to the website among other things.

Sometime this month, I saw this hot chick on TV appealing to her “Fans” to blah blah blah. The moment she mentioned her fans, I only had one question; who the hell are you? My brother burst out laughing and I told him really, who the hell is she? I have never seen her before and yet here she is appealing to her fans. The TV presenter then mentioned her name and all I heard were crickets. I went further to try and Google her but all I found were more crickets. Some days later, I saw another “Celeb” complaining on TV about how ungrateful Kenyans are because Celebrities in other countries are usually stopped in the street by fans – for autographs and idle chitchats – but not in Kenya. She was pissed that in Kenya, she would walk from one end of the street to the other and no one would even recognize her let alone stop her. Another article in the papers I had read earlier alluded to this fact too, that Kenyan celebs are not appreciated in this country…

My retort to all this was, IT IS NOT MY THAT FAULT I DON’T KNOW YOU?

Like websites, do not think that just because you acted in some movie, people will miraculously see it and grant you the celebrity status. Do not assume that just because you released some single that either did or did not do well that people will for some reason look at you and see the single. It takes hard work to create a brand and you must put in the hours. Today, when you tell me that you are a musician, actor, or even a goddamn ventriloquist, I just Google you and in much the same way that this was said about paper (if it’s not on paper it does not exist), if you are not on Google, you do not exist. There are so many self publishing platforms today that waiting for that one newspaper article or TV interview that most people will probably miss/or watch while half-awake becomes just stupid. In today’s society, it is not enough to act/sing/perform: you have to go the whole nine yards by making sure that any time I am looking for you, I find you without the hassle of the snail mail society.

A majority of Kenyans are now looking up for anything and anybody via Search Engines and if they cannot find you there, you deserve the obscurity that you have. The next time I see a “Celeb” complaining that I don’t know them yet they are doing shit to ensure that I know who they are and what they are about, be sure that I will call you out here as a dim wit. And you should thank me in the comment section because at least you can now be found in Search Engines.

As an upcoming artist, please do the following:

  • Buy a domain name of your name.
  • Get yourself on YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  • Create a Twitter Account and Facebook Fanpage
  • Get yourself on LinkedIn
  • Let me see your Portfolio
  • Start a blog

Just get yourself online first and the rest will follow. And as I said, it’s not my fault that I don’t know you!

What say you?

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