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The Kenyan Social Media Scene

The Kenyan Social Media Scene

Kenya is the hub of the region even rivaling powerhouses of the continent, the likes of South Africa and Egypt, on several fronts. But what distinguishes Kenya from the rest of the continent is her people. We have no natural resources like South Africa yet we are as strong as we are. All that is brought to fruition in Kenya is because of the creativity of her people, their hard work and good brains; not gold, not the black gold, nor the blood diamonds.

It is for this reason that I expect Social Media to have such an immense impact in Kenya in the coming years. Having watched and participated in the social media scene for a while now, I can say that the latent potential is obvious as few people and fewer companies have thought of leveraging social media in truly useful ways. But being the resourceful lot that we are, I see the pace towards the adoption of social media changing.

So far, it has been Individuals and Small and Medium companies that have dominated the social media scene.  And the reasons for this are quite obvious. I started my personal blog, Still Proud to Be Kenyan well over a year ago first because I was entertaining the idea that I could write and secondly because it allowed me to have my say. But over the months, it became more than that and led me to eventually form Socialight Media Kenya.

For SME’s, lacking the budget for TV and Paper adverts, young entrepreneurs with a younger more versatile workforce, and ease of selling the social media idea to the boss (less bureaucracy) are just a few reasons why social media has been their preferred marketing platform. Larger companies appear to scoff at the idea of social media or do not even have it in their radar as an option let alone as a powerful marketing and CRM tool.

But there are those companies, both large and small who have caught onto social media but are doing it wrong. They have taken social media as an extension of their traditional media ways not knowing that the same rules do not apply here. Their blog content is no different from a hawker who is in your face about a razor, three pairs of socks, or a sewing needle. It is not about giving value to consumers and neither are they two-way. They do not respond to comments and hence are no different from their any other faceless website.

But there are those who are doing a perfect job with social media and you can see them on my sidebar.

Over the coming days, weeks, and months; we are going to delve deeper into how best companies can leverage social media, the do’s and don’ts of social media and the various networks that Kenyan Businesses need to pay utmost attention to.

Let me in on your thoughts below.

  • Lisa

    good stuff, am doing research on prevalence of social media in universities, i think i can quote you!

  • Marvin Tumbo

    Hi Lisa

    Thank You for commenting. It is interesting that you mention social media with regard to Universities because that is something I have been wracking my brain about. I will be writing a blog about it soon and I will let you know when do. It is something very much worth exploring and on so many fronts. Feel free to quote me.

    Kind Regards

  • Gatibamartha

    hi…my name is martha nd im at the university studying journalism and media studies nd im interested with social media…..how can u help me  get more info on this