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Kenyans Doing it Right Online

Kenyans Doing it Right Online

I have decided to start a series of posts whose frequency I am yet to determine but which will primarily focus on Kenyans who are doing it- right as far as social media and local digital content goes.

This idea has been informed by the urgent need of am Kenyan platform that showcases social media success stories and creative entrepreneurial concepts in Kenya. This will compliment the great work that Kenya ICT Board is doing with regard to the promotion of local digital content via the Tandaa Kenya Initiative.

The website is currently under due to upcoming upgrades but the this link should cover the basics you need to know…

Also informing these series of posts has been the magnitude of uncelebrated yet incredible Kenyan digital content that are coming up every other day. These are the creation of young entrepreneurial minds in Kenya who are doing a great job putting Kenya on the digital map not only in Africa but worldwide.

These posts will cover emerging Kenyan blogs, incredible websites that integrate social media well, start-ups that are out to change the online digital landscape, technologies that have the potential to or that are already revolutionizing the Kenyan digital scene etc.

The ideal plan is that each week – Wednesdays – I will feature a Kenyan Start-up or existing company that is doing it right, how they are going about it, their achievements, and how other companies can emulate this to create their own success stories.

I hope for these series of posts to become a core resource for people and businesses seeking to make a mark as far as the local social media or digital content goes.

I also hope you will join me in this venture by recommending those companies that you think should be featured – even yours, by being active in the comment section with comments, inquiries, suggestions etc and by sharing these posts in the various social networks you participate in.

Next Wednesday, I am featuring Eat Out, an online Eating Out guide to all the finest restaurants and bars in Nairobi and Kenya.

For suggestions, comments and queries, please hit me up in the comment section below…

  • Sammy

    Was reading the idea in your article a few minutes ago and it hit me, damn that is nice idea!

  • Marvin Tumbo

    Thanks Sammy. I will appreciate any way you can help with regard to ideas, suggestions etc.