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Kenyans on Twitter

Kenyans on Twitter

Ok, over the past few weeks, I have met people from all walks of life and each is telling me that they do not use twitter because there are no Kenyans on Twitter. I will try not to judge because I was there too many months ago. But truth is, there are not only many Kenyans on Twitter but they are so active they transcribe news into tweets. Kenyans on Twitter are a very interesting lot and this excuse that you do not use Twitter because there are few Kenyans there should stop, or at least do not say it loud. Just think it and then feel embarrassed that real reason you are not on Twitter is you scared, lazy, or just admit that you hate it. A lot of people do.

So really, what does Twitter do for Kenyans? For those of us who set aside some time of the day to tweeting, we get our money’s worth in terms of recommendations on something to read, information on what’s happening – real time – we get our questions answered without as much as breaking a tweat – I mean sweat, and best of all, we have fun while at it. Depending on who you decide to follow which again is contingent on your objectives for using twitter, there is real and tangible value that you will get out of twitter once you learn to utilize it right.

So for those of you who have been making excuses why you are not on Twitter, follow the following who are the more prominent Kenyans on Twitter and they will expose you to the larger Kenyan Community on Twitter: or alternatively, look at the .ke list that Ngeny created or this one by @Intelligensia and you will be home; they have aggregated quite a descent number of Kenyans on Twitter.

Update: Robert Alai has also compiled a list of Kenyans on Twitter and it was a big oversight not adding him below. And I am sure I am still forgetting some great tweeps out there.





@Mara Triangle

@ Aly-Khan Satchu




















If I have not mentioned you here, my apologies; I was just writing this quickly off the top of my head.

Follow the above and they will lead you to the rest of the Kenyan community on Twitter.

If I have not mentioned you, please retweet this so that you can add yourself in the reaction section below.

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • May 14, 2010
  • jke

    Aii… “offliners” are everywhere, even in Europe where connectivity shouldn't be an issue like it is in EAK.

    I think one of the best reasons for using Twitter is the ppl you meet online + the feedback while searching for info. That's the kind of metadata you won't find via Google.

    Here's another approach on a macro-level, ~ Africa => http://twitter.com/afritwit

  • Thanks JKE for the Macro level list.

    I was recently at a conference where I finally met in person a majority of the people I had met on Twitter. It was pretty cool meeting the people who have added value to my online life in person.

    And you are right, there's only so much Google can do. More and More, twitter is becoming my preferred Search Engine.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Pkahumbu

    how come I'm not on your list?

  • Marvin Tumbo

    My bad Paula. I will edit the list and add you asap. Its a growing list.

  • Marvin Tumbo

    My bad Paula. I will edit the list and add you asap. Its a growing list.

  • Anonymous

    Weuweee!! Am here!! just seen this! Thea shd be a directory of sorts me i think!

    • Marvin Tumbo

      Of course you are. I agree. There should be a directory. An interesting way way of checking out Kenyans on Twitter is through the Twitter Search Advanced – http://search.twitter.com/advanced. If you search near Nairobi, the tweets you get are just crazy high.

  • I think this list should spread me some mad love @Rinforsideweb, huh! Great post, I second you Marvin, BIG names here!