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Local musicians lacking an online presence.

Local musicians lacking an online presence.

I recently had a meeting with Kaburo Kobia, the Project Manager in charge of Local Digital Content at Kenya ICT Board and she informed me that in a meeting with around 15 leading local musicians on local digital content, only 2 had websites. That in itself was shocking and just today after watching this obviously talented musician performing on Art Scene in, it became a crime because searching for this guys’ name online has brought a Facebook profile and the works… no website.

And here is why it is a crime…

I am guessing that a musician performing live gets on average at least KES 50,000 per performance and given the extravagant nature that most portray with trendy and flashy everything, I am fairly confident that they can afford to buy a domain name and hosting. Another thing I am fairly certain about is that they can have a website designed for them with relative ease. They can even go one better and extend the extravagance to the design of their websites.

As a local musician, do the following?

  1. Buy your name as a domain name?

In today’s socially networked society, one thing that is emerging is brand-jacking fast and famous names will be bought by practically anybody such that by the time these musicians decide to put up websites, they will be left with awkward variations of their names but not the names they have build their careers on. And brand jacking is not limited to domain names but goes beyond them to social networks like twitter, Facebook pages, and over 300 other social networks. To avoid brand-jacking, the least our local musicians should do is buy the domain names of their names and claim these names in the various social networks such that even though they are not using them now, they will have no problems when they eventually decide to utilize them.

2. If not a website, get a blog at least

If for whatever reason you cannot have a website designed for you, the least you can do is set up a blog for yourself – but after securing your name as a domain name. As a wordpress person myself, I would advice you to use wordpress.com as your blogging platform of choice. It is free, it allows you the benefits of a website without the initial hassles of setting one up, it gives you the platform through you which you can be found online, where you can engage with your fans in a more meaningful way than Facebook Fanpage and tweets can, a home for your image online.

But this is not just for musicians; virtually anybody out there who wants to have an online presence needs to claim their names so that whenever you decide to go online, eventually, you will have no brand-jacking issues to worry about.

That’s it…

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • April 13, 2010
  • I have heard many about Kaburo Kobia. He is a very good project manager. His every project finish successfully.

  • Marvin Tumbo

    Kobia is a lady. And yes, she is pretty good at her work. Thanks a lot for stopping by. I will mention pas your sentiments to her.