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Lunch in the Park

Lunch in the Park

This is a guest post by Eric Mwiti of Enyeheri who will be hosting Lunch in the Park for C.E.Os at Nairobi National Park… I will be in attendance and it is bound to be quite the event as you will read more on below…

Enormous growth opportunities are going unexploited in virtually every sector. Over the last decade business have encountered myriad of challenges encompassing all angles of business namely Strategy, Branding, HR and Communications.

With the rise of the new age consumerism, pressure now mounts on business leaders to deliver on key attributes like sales, profit, regional expansion ,going green among others.

The question on many business leaders is: will we deliver? Are we really relevant and making sense to the logical modern day consumer? Are we still selling a brand experience or stuck in the famous product age proposition of “unique selling point”? Is the strategy translating to return on investments or not?

Some of the pressure is evident. According to information by TACK Africa, Kenyan businesses are failing to grow, with the average annual growth rate of the Nairobi Stock Exchange All Share index since 2005 being only 1.6% and if you take into account inflation, then this means that a billion dollars of shareholder value was lost over the period.

These are the hard scenarios business leaders are grappled with and need to address or face extinction. Is there a solution? Can we address these pertinent issues and come out victorious?

The Consultant Consortium is a group of like minded people who attempt to be on the fore front in addressing these pertinent issues faced by most business.

We believe that despite the challenges which accrue over time making brands more extinct , the conviction of a shorter path to success is more evident once you realize the key ingredients that make it happen. These ingredients have the solutions for businesses to experience and increase sales, brand loyalty and more importantly remain in shape for today’s dynamic world.

And it is on this note that the key secret ingredients to business success will be unveiled on a platform that aims to bring together CEOs, MDs, Marketing and Sales Directors and HR Directors to a forum that defies all odds as they set out to have “Lunch in the park”.

“Lunch in the park” is a picnic event conceived by TACK Africa and Enyeheri Brand Agency on behalf the consultants consortium which aims to release crucial findings of research carried out over the last decade and a way forward for businesses who want to experience change and vital growth.

The keynote speakers at the lunch comprise:

  • Steve Shelley

Steve is a strategy and business development expert with more than 25 years mainstream management experience. He has worked on assignment for corporate clients across many sectors. Steve is a former director of PWC, author of the book ‘Doing Business in Africa’ and MD of TACK Africa which provides consultancy and HR development services throughout East Africa.

  • Antonia Kihara

Antonia runs the branding agency Enye Heri. She has seven years experience working with brands from small start ups to large enterprises. She is a strategic creator who is both creative as well as analytical. She develops brands through strong collaboration with internal cross disciplinary teams and clients. She is an inspired, passionate, persuasive thinker who possesses exceptional insights into social dynamics and human behavior.

Antonia has experience as Creative Director, Art Director, Analyst, Designer and Strategist. Since 2008, Antonia has run over countless Workshops and has become a pioneer who believes that “LOVE” is the key ingredient to brand successes.

  • Rob Braere

Rob is a seasoned professional marketer with mainstream brand management experience in the UK and mainland Europe. Before moving to Kenya in 2010, he held the position of Director of Consulting at Kantar Retail specializing in consumer and shopper marketing strategies for a portfolio of global brands.

  • Rose Nyarangi

Rose is a Director of TACK Africa with 15 years experience in training, performance management and team building. Her capability encompasses competency and personality assessment, management and leadership development. With a background in sales, Rose also leads TACK’s sales development programmes for clients throughout East Africa.

The event will be graced by the vision 2030 director Mr. Mugo Kibati who will shed more light as regards to business positioning and the future prospects of Kenyan Business in line with the vision 2030.

Welcome to the “Lunch in the park” experience 2011: Stronger growth-Higher profits-Innovation-Growth beyond 2012.

  • Date: 1st March
  • Venue: Nairobi Tented Camp (Nairobi National Park)
  • Arrival time: 11:00 P.M
  • Contact person: Ronnie 0714 558 448

Socialight Media Kenya is happy to note that we will be there to cover the event and hopefully you will be engaging us via the various social channels that we will be using to share the wisdom of these great speakers. The hashtag for the event on Twitter will be #lunchinthepark


  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • February 27, 2011
  • Hi Marvin,On behalf of Enyeheri Brand agency we want to thank you for partnering with us on this auspicious event as redefine brand strategy and Business innovation for today’s brands.
    Thanks and have a good day.