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MWEA Conference: Mobile and Internet Facts and Figures

MWEA Conference: Mobile and Internet Facts and Figures

Mobile Web East Africa Conference started off yesterday with much gusto. For the many of us who were not able to attend, we still managed to keep abreast on the happenings there thanks to a large extent to social media. There is live coverage of the event via Cover-It-Live and you can catch the proceedings at Afrinnovator and by using the hashtag #MWEA10 on twitter. But for those, like me, who are eager to see the devils in the detail, you will appreciate the effort that Eric Hash (@WhiteAfrican) made when he gave a comprehensive summary of the whole event. I hope he will do the same today because the tweets do not give the whole picture, just snippets.

From the conference yesterday, there were a thousand and one interesting pieces of info from across the continent that made wish I was there in person. The speakers represent some of the best in tech that Africa has to offer and the more reason to login and pay attention.

But what stood out were the numbers being put forth. I cannot (at least for now) confirm or dispute these figures but they are what came out of the presentations made. @RafikiKenya questioned some of the facts being twitted from MWEA10 and hence my reservations.

But that said, these represent a consolidation of the facts and figures presented at MWEA Day 1 about Kenya and the greater Africa’s Internet and especially mobile internet penetration levels, revenues, and usage:

  • There were 3.5 million internet users in Kenya last year
  • There are 500 laptops sold per day in Kenya
  • 95% of the African population do not own a Smartphone
  • 70% of mobile data users spend less than 20ksh on a monthly basis
  • Mobile users are estitmated at 19.05m subscribers in Kenya with 22m of the 40m Kenyans being the addressable market (15yrs or older)
  • Industry data enabled handsets estimated at 5m or 26% of GSM users in Kenya
  • Cost of a 3G handset is 3x higher than that of a non-data enabled handset
  • Mobile data users estimated to reach 10m in the next five years subject to availability of affordable devices, increase awareness, local content development and drop in data prices
  • If you partner with Safaricom, they’ll take about 60% of revenues meanwhile elsewhere in the world, like Japan, they give 70% to the developer
  • Africa represents 15% of the world population, but only 3.9″% of the world’s PC internet usage
  • Africa’s PC Internet users have increased by 1359% from 2000 to 2009.
  • The global service revenue generated from subscriptions to mobile internet access is forecasted by Informa Telecoms & Media to rise from $57 billion in 2008 to $120 billion in 2013
  • Mobile ad revenue is estimated to be at $2 billion by 2014 and total the value of marketing spend on mobile to be around $6 billion.
  • Mobile subscription rose from 54 million to almost 350 million between 2003 and 2008.
  • On average there is 60% mobile penetration in the world. In developing countries the figure stands at 48%, which is 8x bigger than in 2000
  • Lack of fixed-line access will drive huge mobile internet usage and revenues
  • Vodacom generates 49 million ad impressions per month in South Africa
  • Cheapest data enabled devices are about 2000Ksh in Kenya
  • $540 million is the money being made in SA in mobile content and the question then becomes whether people can find value in local content
  • African Mobile Web currently has South Africa, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt and Kenya as the top 5
  • Nokia 3110c is the most pervasive phone in the market (3.8%), Samsung E250 is at 3.7% penetration.
  • Top Smartphones are the Nokia N70 at 10.8% and then Nokia 6300 at 10.3% and then the iPhone at 8.2%.

I will be watching out for the more facts and figures coming out MWEA today and will post a second post on the same.

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