we help you become a Social Business
We BUILD Digital Solutions that fit your needs
We BUILD Digital Solutions that fit your needs

Our Social Media Solutions

We understand the potential impact of social media to businesses when planned and executed right. Also noting that this is a fast-moving, constantly changing network of people, information and technologies, we understand the headache that companies face in trying to adopt or to keep up with these emerging technologies.

At Socialight Media, we let you focus on your core business as we do what we do best in transforming your organization into a social business. Our approach to digital media is holistic where we integrate emerging technologies with every aspect of your organization that can benefit from sociality.

A summary of our solutions comprise: IT Strategy Development, Planning and Implementation, Business process automation, Interactive, rich user interfaces, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Database and Big Data, APIs Development, Content Development and Management, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics / Metrics Integration, Video / Audio Integration, Digital Advertisements, ICT Training/Speaking, Cloud Computing, ICT Audit Services, Digital Policy Formulation, Social Media Marketing, Monitoring and Analysis, Social Media Coverage of Events, Online Reputation Management.


Socialight Media Ltd. provides the following services as regards Digital Media Solutions.

Digital Presence Review

Before we undertake any work for our clients, we embark on a review process of the company’s digital presence. We monitor:

  1. Which social media platforms,
  2. Frequency of updates,
  3. Tone of voice and of channel,
  4. Engagement levels,
  5. Community Growth rate
  6. Industry Influencers

Client Objectives

After the review process, we embark on a fact-finding mission with regard to the objectives of our clients and internal readiness. We:

  • Note Our client’s Objectives
  • Break Objectives by Organizational Departments
  • Reconcile client objectives with existing digital presence
  • Note the disconnect in execution
  • Note the Resources Availed

Strategy Formulation

Once armed with information on the state of the digital presence vis-a-vis the client objectives, we embark on drafting the Strategy that best achieves our client objectives. This means:

  1. Defining the Target Audience
  2. Discovering the platforms Audience Gather
  3. Setting the metrics
  4. Gathering resources
  5. Connecting tasks to people
  6. Creating content

Social Media Management

In the absence of know-how or internal capacity to create and manage your Digital presence, we will seamlessly manage every aspect of your social presence. On a monthly retainer, we will in liason with your team source and publish the relevant content on your platforms and manage the conversations that ensue thereafter. We will present a monthly report with all the agreed upon success metrics and performance indicators.

Strategy Dev’t and Implementation

We help organizations like yours come up with viable social media strategies that will best help you achieve your objectives. Our strategies and and execution are geared at ensuring that you deliver value to your stakeholders, improve your bottomline and become a thought leader in your industry.

Social Media Campaigns

Based om the occasion, your campaign objectives, your story and how you want it told, your audience and where they are online, your campaign schedule and whatever else is critical to your launch, we will work with you to design the best social media campaign incorporating the right technologies and with clear success metrics.

Social Media Advertisement

Whether geared at increasing sales, encouraging brand engagement or building your community; we have an experienced team to handle all your digital advertising needs. From Google (Search, Display, Image and Video Ads), Facebook Advertisement (Marketplace ads, Post Promotion and Sponsored stories) to LinkedIn Ads, we deliver and save you time and effort while meeting your objectives and maximizing your results.

Online Reputation Mgt

Consumers are increasingly voicing their opinions about and experiences with these brands online. Its a consumer advocacy age where technology has given the consumer more power than before. What is said about your brand online impacts your business either postively or negatively.With more than a single audience to worry about given the vast social space, mentions of your brand can be hard to keep track of. Not only do we monitor mentions of your brand or products but we also engage on your behalf in the case of negative mentions and advance positive ones.

Community Building

There are many niche online communities that have come about based on various interests be it business, environment, hobbies, networking etc. We identify where conversations are happening online about your company or industry, we listen to what is being said in these communities, we help you build a presence and engage there or alternatively build an online community around your brand and manage it on your behalf until an in-house team take is up.

Content Development

Today, having a website is simply not enough. An Effect Search Engine Optimization is content driven. Through the right kind of content driven through your various social media outposts, you can be able to tell your story as a company in a way that cultivates a stronger relationship with your consumers. We provide you with content development strategies that help bring out aspects of your business that are hidden but which would actually give you a lot more leverage over your competitors if shared.

Web/App Development

We help you develop a website that is clean, modern looking, Search and Social Media optimized, optimized for all browsers, and best of all; in a format that is consistent on Laptops, iPads, and Phones. In addition to web development, we will also develop web application, mobile applications for both iOS and Android, and mobile websites to complement your digital presence.


What is the right Job description for the person in charge of Social Media in your organization? Who is the right person for your community manager job? What background should your social media manager have? A great social media plan can fall flat on its face if it is not implemented right. We offer hiring services where we create your job description, advertise the positions, vet the candidates and present you with the strongest applicants for the position. We have successively hired the best people for various businesses.


Socialight Media provides social media training to companies to bridge the knowledge gap and capacity deficit in their social media campaigns. We have a Training Program that is two pronged. We run a monthly social media workshop for Kenyan Businesses and we also deliver in-house training for businesses that are incorporating or plan to incorporate Social Media in their business.You can book your staff for the monthly training sessions or book us for a customized in-house training for your staff.


Book Marvin Tumbo to speaks on Digital Media your Event. Some of the events Mr. Tumbo has spoken include: African Human Right Consortium Events – Botswana, E-tourism East Africa Conference, Tourism Conference – South Africa, Human Rights Conference – Nigeria, Tandaa Symposiums by Kenya ICT Board, CIO Breakfast Meeting, GPC  Conference And many more… He speaks on a wide range of Digital Media topics including State of Social Media in Kenya, Personal and Corporate Branding, Social Media Measurement and Analysis etc.

Measurement and Analysis

How do you determine you return on Investment in Social Media? Do you have social media metrics that you have set against your social media objectives? If you have a social media campaign in place, we help you audit your performance by determining whether your objectives are being met across the social media channels that you have a presence in.

Social Media Marketing

Most businesses are using social media for marketing purposes but these marketing efforts fall short because they are designed for push media. We develop social media marketing strategies that can scale in social media channels and then fuel conversations around your brand or product. We help generate ideas that are suitable for pull media so that marketing efforts can scale across both push and pull media.

We Are Cool!

We are a cool company that works to make you cool. We make you cool enough that your stakeholders want to have a relationship with you across all your social media platforms. We make you have the largest share of conversation in your industry. We keep people talking about you.


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