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“Pulse Watasema” Trends on Twitter

“Pulse Watasema” Trends on Twitter

In the days gone by, any form of libel by a media personality would see the said persons go to court to seek legal redress. And as much as this is still the same in most instances, we are seeing and will continue a more public, more potent, and ultimately a more devastating recourse by tech savvy Kenyans who are using their clout online to take it to the man!

I have seen many instances where various media houses have come under attack online, especially on Twitter and through Blogs, for plagiarism, libel, spelling mistakes, and a host of other things. This is set to increase in both hostility and scale. Earlier in the year, the star was on the receiving end of attacks by Bloggers who accused them of blatant plagiarism.

The Star under Attack for Plagiarism On this particular case with the star, they had plagiarized content from West FM and Steve Biko did not take it kindly.

But as I always advice my clients, when shit hits the fan, especially for a competitor (Anyone in your Industry), it is always very likely that you will be dragged into the debate especially if your act is not up to par as well.

When issues of plagiarism were brought up against the Star on Twitter, the Pulse was also dragged into it and it was not just on the plagiarism but also the wrong stories as well.

And I would say The Pulse took on the wrong person today and even though his recourse was not legal, I can with confidence say its probably the most disastrous for them. More than any money they might be forced to pay if a legal recourse is taken.

Today in the morning, a colleague at work said that “The King of Facebook has impregnated the queen of Facebook”. I don’t read the pulse or any magazine of that ilk so I had to seek explanation. That was when he said that the person I know as @smusyoka on Twitter had according to the Pulse impregnated the lady who was crowned the Queen of Twitter in the Safaricom Competition that ran a while back.

This was not true and that is something that has come to bite The Pulse in the ass. An interesting tweet by @smusyoka with hashtag #PulseWatasema hit my timeline and just a couple of minutes, it had turned into a Trending Topic. The idea is that Pulse will say anything regardless of how absurd it is and it has gotten Kenyans on Twitter Talking. The tweets on this are really funny and I have been having a great time reading through them. Have a look at some of them below:

Pulse Watasema TT

Pulse Watasema TT

And the problem for pulse is that this is all indexed on search engines and is out there for the world to see. I know that many more blogs will come out of this TT and in a couple of days, it will cross over to Facebook where they will continue bashing Pulse.

This is the new Kenya where a legal recourse is the furthest things in our minds but what is at our disposal are these social networks and they are as potent (more potent if you ask me) than mainstream media in terms on reach especially beyond borders. If @smusyoka sought an apology, I think he would have to wait till the next issue of Pulse but to get a trending topic disparaging The Pulse on the same day that Pulse published their erroneous assertions, I would say he has had the last laugh. A quick revenge of sorts that has been made possible by Kenyans on Twitter.

What say you?

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