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Safaricom faces tough Questions at MWEA.

Safaricom faces tough Questions at MWEA.

Following the just concluded MWEA Conference held in Nairobi, a couple of issues emerged that needed to be addressed. One of the most outstanding was the attack directed at Safaricom by those present.

From an overview of the conference by Bankelele and WhiteAfrican, and following the Live tweets from the event, it was obvious that most of those who attended were not pleased with the answers given by Peter Arina, Safaricom’s COO.

Among the questions asked if you have not read the above mentioned overviews were the following:

  1. Why is Safaricom still the most expensive network in Kenya? It’s still has no fixed rate for the mobile data network access. It doesn’t work for small and medium sized business, is Safaricom doing anything to change this?
  2. When will Safaricom open up their network for value added services for developers and other companies?
  3. Why is the revenue share so high (currently if you partner with Safaricom, they’ll take about 60% of revenues), meanwhile elsewhere in the world, like Japan, give 70% to the developer?

The Conclusion made by Eric Hersman based on the answers given by Peter Arina to the above was “Basically, we get no straight answers from Safaricom and only promises of better things in the future with no details.”

It was with this in mind that Larry Madowo interviewd the Safaricom CEO, Michael Joseph, to get his take on the attack leveled against his company at MWEA.

This is part one of the interview:

You will find part two of the interview here if you are interested.

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