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Our list of core services comprise the following which we implement after strategy development:

In cases where you lack the capacity to implement a social media strategy in-house, Socialight Media Kenya can take up the task to implement on a retainer. We will do this while help you build capacity either through training an in-house team or by hiring someone suitable for this position.

Most businesses are using social media for marketing purposes but these marketing efforts fall short because they are designed for push media. We develop social media marketing strategies that can scale in social media channels and then fuel conversations around your brand or product. We help generate ideas that are suitable for pull media so that marketing efforts can scale across both push and pull media.

Listening online is the bedrock of online reputation management given the fact that consumers are increasingly voicing their opinions about brands and their experiences with these brands online. This is the age of consumer advocacy where consumer generated content is ruling the social media space and by extension the Search Engines Results Pages. In essence, whatever is being said about your brand in these social networks impacts whether people will buy your products or services. Social Networks have lowered the barriers of entry to publishing and the rate at which content is published online today can be hard to keep track of. And you have more than a single audience to worry about given the vast social space.

On a retainer, Socialight Media Kenya will monitor mentions of brand across the social web, respond to potentially brand issues as they emerge to prevent escalation, and deliver a monthly report of mentions and ensuing actions we have taken on your behalf. Our response mechanism will be tied closely to the open communications channels we will have with the relevant departments in your organization.

We understand that some businesses may not have the know-how or the capacity to create and manage their presence on social media channels. We provide these services for such businesses where we seamlessly manage every aspect of your social presence. On a retainer, we will source and publish the relevant content on your platforms and manage the conversations that ensue thereafter. On a monthly basis, we will present a report of what we did during the month, the growth based on agreed upon metrics, and a plan of attack for the next month.

There are many niche online communities that have come about based on various interests be it business, environment, geo-location etc. We identify where conversations are happening online about your company or industry, we listen to what is being said in these communities, we help you engage and build a presence there or alternatively build an online community around your brand and manage it on your behalf until an in-house team take is up.

How do you determine you return on Investment in Social Media? Do you have social media metrics that you have set against your social media objectives? If you have a social media campaign in place, we help you audit your performance by determining whether your objectives are being met across the social media channels that you have a presence in.

What is the right Job description for the person in charge of Social Media in your organization? Who is the right person for your community manager job? What background should your social media manager have? A great social media plan can fall flat on its face if it is not implemented right. We offer hiring services where we create your job description, advertise the positions, vet the candidates and present you with the strongest applicants for the position. We have successively hired the best people for various businesses.

Today, having a website is not enough so static brochure websites simply will not do. Being able to have fresh content on your website is not just good for visitors who frequent your website; it also ensures that you rank higher in Search Engine rankings as more of your pages get indexed. The best way to develop content has been through creation of blogs. However, most companies are at a loss on what to publish and how to manage this content. Socialight Media Kenya provides you with content development strategies and helps you bring out aspects of your business that are hidden but which would actually give you a lot more leverage over your competitors if shared.

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