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Social Media Policies in Kenya

Social Media Policies in Kenya

Kenyan Businesses are now joining the ranks of world businesses that have been debating the use and abuse of social media by employees. And quite rashly, most Kenyan businesses have banned and more are in the process of instituting a total ban on Social Media usage within their organizations. Judging by the demeanor of business owners and management, this seems to be the only course of action they see best to resort to. Unfortunately, innocent ignorance has been the basis for demonizing social media within most businesses whereas a social media policy is what would serve them best.

A social media policy is a guideline that defines how your company engages in social media platforms.

Businesses need to look back at history in order to see the error in their ways because at the edge of every new technology, the status quo of the time always shunned the new technology. The introduction of the phone was met with skepticism because businesses feared company secrets would be leaked. Email met the same reaction but when the fears were allayed, the two have become the backbones of any business today. Social Media is now the great “threat” that the phone and emails were at their prime but with the benefit of history, we should know better today and stop this blanket ban of social media within Kenyan Businesses.

While a total ban is the easy route, a social media policy is the ideal way of settling the fears that businesses have. A social media policy allows your business to accrue the benefits of social media that would be lost through a blanket ban. There is an interesting article in BNET UK on whether bosses are right to Ban Social Media. This will especially be of interest to Kenyan bosses who have seen it fit to slap a ban on social media. Also interesting to read is this article on Social Media Denial.

IBM exemplifies social media best and the presentation below shows how they have embraced social media and they have immensely succeeded.

The following represent some useful resources that will your guide your organization in crafting your own social media policy.

  1. 10 Must-Haves for your social media policy on Mashable.
  2. Intel Social Media Guidelines here
  3. Social Media Governance has an extensive database of Social Media Policies by leading Companies and Organizations.

So before you ban your employees from using social media on company time or even on their own time, look at what these leading companies have done, explore how you can leverage social media to your benefits, and craft social media policies around them.

And if you need expert advice, Socialight Media Kenya will help you craft your social media policies.

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