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Social Media management is still a relatively new concept in Kenya. After many months of observing, writing, and consulting on social media for various businesses across the country and industries; I believe there is a large knowledge gap with regard to social media in Kenyan Businesses.

Kenyan companies that reject and/or ban social media use in their organizations have mostly if not always acted on misinformation. For Kenyan companies that are using social media; a majority of them do not understand social media etiquette and therefore miss the whole point of social media. And for those that are considering using social media; many do not know where or how to start given the vast social media arena.

Whatever the reason, a majority of companies need help to bridge this knowledge gap.Socialight Media Kenya has a Training Program that is two pronged. We run a monthly social media workshop for Kenyan Businesses and we also deliver in-house training for businesses that are incorporating or plan to incorporate Social Media in their business.

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