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Kenyan Companies need Brand Advocates

Every time I have a bone to pick with a company, I sometimes get one person who will disagree with me and tell me that this company is not that bad; that I must have caught them at a bad time or talked to the wrong person. Sometimes, in an attempt to show me that […]

Facebook Fanpages over Groups: Kenya

Prologue: The Kenyan Facebook scene is notorious for Groups and not Fanpages. @Wamathai asked me on Twitter which between a Facebook Fanpage and a Group is better. Without stating the pros and cons of each, I replied with Fanpage. In all honesty, there was nothing to think about, it was an open and shut case […]

Kenyan Businesses on Facebook

I have been curious so I set out to determine how Kenyan Businesses are utilizing social networks in their businesses. Specifically, I wanted to establish how both Facebook Fanpage and Twitter are being used but decided to start with Facebook first. So I posed this question via Twitter while I set out to do further […]

Kenyan Adverts Going Viral?

At the 2nd Tandaa Symposium a fortnight ago, Jim Chuchu from Just A Band rose to speak on “Viral Campaigns” and because of the Makmende phenomenon, he had the ear of everybody present. His presentation was interesting and one of the things that stood out for me was that immediately after their Makmende Video going […]

The Tandaa Symposium on Film and Animation – Overview

The Tandaa Symposium on Film and Animation took place on 6th May 2010 at the Kenyan National Museum – Louis Leaky Auditorium and it was a great event for those who attended. For those who could not make it, the following is an overview of what took place… I got to the Tandaa Symposium a […]

Kenya Shifting towards Digital Marketing

Lately and you can bare me witness, digital marketing in its many forms and shapes is more and more becoming the focal point by those in the know. Print media and traditional advertisement avenues are slowly dying and its victims are trying to remain relevant hence their rebirths in digital form online. The only way […]

Monetizing Local Digital Content

­­­­ Local digital content comprises many online platforms and spans across just as may industries. Anybody can create local digital content but the entire “local content buzz” in Kenya around it will never gain any traction unless people clearly see the monetization channels. I read Techcrunch every waking day and the tech deals that are […]

The Necessity of Social Media in Kenya

Last week, while on my way to see a client, I got into a Matatu which is like most Matatus that ply this route – loud and flashy. Interestingly, after I entered, I watched as a couple of middle aged ladies who had been waiting for a Matatu too troop in after me. This was […]

Blogging and the Art of Pursuasion

All forms of advertisement seek one and one thing alone, to persuade their target audience. Advertisements try to manipulate information and exploit perceptions in order to persuade people that their product is superior with varying degrees of success. According to what we were taught at the University about persuasion, the effectiveness of any persuasion campaign […]

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