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Why You Need a Corporate Blog

I wrote a post on why Kenyans need to blog more but what I had in mind when I started writing that post was outlining reasons why Kenyan Businesses need to have corporate blogs. What is a blog? A blog is an online journal published by a person or group of people. A corporate blog […]

Why more Kenyans should start Blogging

I started blogging way back when I was still at the university (2008). My blog – Still Proud to be Kenyan – was the pride of my life back then. Every free time I had would be spent writing a post and boy did I have a lot to say. I blogged on anything and […]

New Media Education, Jesse Soleil – Part One

There has been something which I hope to initiate as a side project on learning with a social media twist. I have this belief that Social Media and especially blogging can have such an impact on education and how students approach learning. I wrote a loose blog on how this would work, conceptually. I am […]

Blogging and the Art of Pursuasion

All forms of advertisement seek one and one thing alone, to persuade their target audience. Advertisements try to manipulate information and exploit perceptions in order to persuade people that their product is superior with varying degrees of success. According to what we were taught at the University about persuasion, the effectiveness of any persuasion campaign […]

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