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Will E-Commerce Take-off in Kenya

This tweet by @gmeltdown caught my attention a fortnight ago. TEAMS, SEACOM and EASSY are great; but am not convinced we needed international bandwidth to grow e-commerce in Kenya It really got me thinking… Then that Saturday, I caught up with Joshua Mwaniki at iHub during the World Cyber Games which Kalahari had sponsored. Mwaniki […]

Financial Industry Blogging in Kenya

I wrote on why you need a Corporate Blog but for some reason I feel the need to reiterate the point once more but with a focus on the Banking sector. Finance has always been very close to my heart. Economics was my favourite course at the University, closely rivaled by sociology. I have read […]

The Democracy of Social Media

For a long while, the basis on which someone was tagged an authority in a given field was largely dictated by the mainstream media. This to a large extent is still true given my own euphoria over being largely quoted in the Business Daily. “(S)he even appeared in the paper/TV” has been a line repeated […]

Execution makes Successful Entrepreneurs

This past Saturday, I was speaking at the 140 Conference in Nairobi on Twitter for social causes in Nailab. Among the speakers and active participants were Paula Kahumbu of Wildlife Direct, Juliana Rotich of Ushahidi, Moses Kemibaro of Dotsavvy, Josiah Wanyama of Pamoja Media, Aly-Khan Satchu of Rich.co.ke, Mikul Shah of Eat Out, Ngeny, and […]

Bridging the Divide: A call to Kenyan Techpreneurs

Something has been irking me lately. I follow social media news every waking day and if you have subscribed to Mashable, Techcrunch and to the leading social media bloggers in the world, then you have an idea what my inbox looks like every morning. I take the trouble of reading almost every post, most of […]

Kenya Shifting towards Digital Marketing

Lately and you can bare me witness, digital marketing in its many forms and shapes is more and more becoming the focal point by those in the know. Print media and traditional advertisement avenues are slowly dying and its victims are trying to remain relevant hence their rebirths in digital form online. The only way […]

Monetizing Local Digital Content

­­­­ Local digital content comprises many online platforms and spans across just as may industries. Anybody can create local digital content but the entire “local content buzz” in Kenya around it will never gain any traction unless people clearly see the monetization channels. I read Techcrunch every waking day and the tech deals that are […]

Kenya Jobs, Management, and Entrepreneurship

In 2007, Kenya led the whole world in Google searches for the word Entrepreneurship. Read this interesting article Greg Watson Article that gives the numbers on this. This is very peculiar because with only a population of just about 3 million with internet access, we must have been extremely obsessed with entrepreneurship to trump all […]

What is Local Digital Content?

Tandaa Kenya, a brainchild of Kenya ICT Board organized a meeting this past Monday that was sponsored by Google Kenya and hosted at the iHub premises. The topic that was up for discussion was Local Digital Content. The purpose of this meeting I believe was to encourage Kenyans to get more digital content online. But […]

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