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Talk or Walk: A Social Media Story

If you have ever walked, then you must have experienced this awkward moment. You are walking and for some reason you find yourself beside someone you don’t know, walking with the same pace as you. Something happens; you become self conscious, you feel almost obligated to talk to them or do something, anything, just to […]

Financial Industry Blogging in Kenya

I wrote on why you need a Corporate Blog but for some reason I feel the need to reiterate the point once more but with a focus on the Banking sector. Finance has always been very close to my heart. Economics was my favourite course at the University, closely rivaled by sociology. I have read […]

Twitter for Kenyan Businesses

I am in the process of compiling a list of Kenyans businesses currently on Twitter. But prior to publishing that post, I thought it prudent to write a post on how Kenyan businesses can use Twitter in their businesses. Twitter as you may well know by now is a real-time micro-blogging social networking platform that […]

Kenyan Gamers Converge – World Cyber Games Kenya

I have just received this from Nathan Masyuko, the Executive Director of World Cyber Game Kenya. This goes out to all Kenyan Gamers. I know many young Kenyans love gaming and the below is the platform to showcase just how good you are. The World Cyber Games (WCG) is an annual global tournament that pools […]

Kenyan Adverts Going Viral?

At the 2nd Tandaa Symposium a fortnight ago, Jim Chuchu from Just A Band rose to speak on “Viral Campaigns” and because of the Makmende phenomenon, he had the ear of everybody present. His presentation was interesting and one of the things that stood out for me was that immediately after their Makmende Video going […]

I want to Read a Blog, a Kenyan Blog…

I confess, I am a lover of Def Poetry Jam; I simply cannot get enough of spoken word. Just today, I was watching this poem by Ras Baraka called “An American Poem” which prompted me to wonder about the Kenyan blogs that are out there and what could be. In a recent email exchange with […]

Kenya Jobs, Management, and Entrepreneurship

In 2007, Kenya led the whole world in Google searches for the word Entrepreneurship. Read this interesting article Greg Watson Article that gives the numbers on this. This is very peculiar because with only a population of just about 3 million with internet access, we must have been extremely obsessed with entrepreneurship to trump all […]

Tea for Glue: Kenya Street Kids

Yesterday night while I was walking in town, I came across this gentleman who was holding two bottles of Glue that these street children sniff as he looked into his pockets to find something to give them. I thought this was quite odd as I passed and then after a few steps figured what was […]

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • March 22, 2010

Blogging in Kenyan Schools: New Age of Writing

Way back in the late 90’s when I was in class 8 was the time I realized that I might actually like writing, just for fun of course. My mum had given me her small Collins dictionary that was older than me and with it my vocabulary got better and better. I always looked forward […]

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