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Kenyan Companies need Brand Advocates

Every time I have a bone to pick with a company, I sometimes get one person who will disagree with me and tell me that this company is not that bad; that I must have caught them at a bad time or talked to the wrong person. Sometimes, in an attempt to show me that […]

Perception is Reality – Martha Karua Anecdote

This is not a political post; it just draws lessons from a political figure and the political landscape. A few weeks back, someone in my Twitter timeline mentioned that Kanye West had not only joined twitter but he was tweeting some hilarious stuff. Given I love the man’s music; I unashamedly followed him and started […]

Shit Happens: So which PR Firm Changes your Diapers?

If you have taken care of a kid before, then you have probably also had the harrowing experience pleasure of changing their diapers when they take a dump (my apologies, I don’t have a politically correct way to say this). And no matter how cute a baby is, their shit still stinks. But before you […]

What if KPLC was on Twitter?

Yesterday night, as it approached midnight, my gtalk icon jumps up as it always does whenever there is new email and a quick glance shows me that KPLC Public Relations is now following me on Twitter. My blood rushed a little bit as I said finally! There has been a steady influx of big companies […]

Your Network is your Net Worth – Social Networking

I think I read this line on a blog or in my twitter feed. It caught my eye because it is a powerful statement that brings into focus why we need to have social networks and better yet how to utilize these networks for our respective businesses. There are many platforms that fall within the […]

Social Media to oust Focus Groups in Kenyan Businesses

Two years back when I was still an Economics and Sociology student at the University, I had the pleasure of reading this book called Knowledge Economies: clusters, learning and cooperative advantage by Philip Cooke. In it he writes: Social Capital is the extra value gained from interactions with familiar, trusted network of acquaintances. Though writing […]

Social Media Use by Kenyan PR Agencies

A recent Burson-Marsteller study found that “79 percent of the largest 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 index are using at least one of the most popular social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or corporate blogs.” Embedded below is a presentation on the facts and figures of the same from the Burson-Marsteller blog. Global […]

Social Media in Kenya Hotel Industry

Over the past few days, I have been working on a presentation on social media usage in the Kenyan Hotel Industry. This was brought about by a proposal I presented to a major Hotel in Nakuru which has branches across the Rift Valley Region. Given the prominence of this hotel in the region, I decided […]

Social Media in Kenyan Universities

In a recent comment, a reader requested to quote me in her research which dwelt on social media usage within Kenyan Universities. I was quite elated because the same issue has been doing rounds my mind lately and her comment forced me to put my thoughts on the issue on paper and hence this post. […]

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