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Opt In vs. Opt Out and Kenyan Brands

The following are the standard definitions: An “opt in” requires an action or affirmation by an individual for inclusion; the default is exclusion; An “opt out” requires an action or affirmation for exclusion; the default is inclusion. When I sign up for a newsletter, I have opted in. When I subscribe to a blog, I […]

Kenyan Businesses on Facebook

I have been curious so I set out to determine how Kenyan Businesses are utilizing social networks in their businesses. Specifically, I wanted to establish how both Facebook Fanpage and Twitter are being used but decided to start with Facebook first. So I posed this question via Twitter while I set out to do further […]

Safaricom and Social Media: Mismatch in Numbers!

For those of you who have been around social media for a while now, you must know the story behind the 5 million plus fans on the Coca Cola Facebook fanpage. For those not familiar with the story, here is a brief of it as quoted from Mashable: The page was originally created by two […]

KDN Launch in Nakuru – Technical Bits

Though the time allotted and the format of the launch could not allow for greater depth of presentations, quite a couple of issues emerged from the generalities said. These came from both sides i.e. both KDN and the Nakuru Business Community. The Business Community expressed their need for fast and cost effective internet connectivity. As […]

Brands you have Fun with and Brands you Marry

You have probably heard the contemporary saying that “there is the girl you go out with and there is the girl you marry”. Likewise, there are brands that we flirt with and there are those that we take home to meet the parents. Nothing proves this best than the mobile telephony industry in the country. […]

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