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Kenyan Companies need Brand Advocates

Every time I have a bone to pick with a company, I sometimes get one person who will disagree with me and tell me that this company is not that bad; that I must have caught them at a bad time or talked to the wrong person. Sometimes, in an attempt to show me that […]

Kenya Shifting towards Digital Marketing

Lately and you can bare me witness, digital marketing in its many forms and shapes is more and more becoming the focal point by those in the know. Print media and traditional advertisement avenues are slowly dying and its victims are trying to remain relevant hence their rebirths in digital form online. The only way […]

iHub Launch – Nairobi's Innovation Hub

The day is tomorrow and the talk of town, at least tech wise will be iHub which will be officially launching tomorrow, Wednesday, 3rd of March 2010 from 5.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. The launch will take place on the 4th floor of the new Bishop Magua Centre (directly opposite the Ngong Uchumi Hyper) on […]

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