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Tea for Glue: Kenya Street Kids

Tea for Glue: Kenya Street Kids

Yesterday night while I was walking in town, I came across this gentleman who was holding two bottles of Glue that these street children sniff as he looked into his pockets to find something to give them. I thought this was quite odd as I passed and then after a few steps figured what was happening. So I dipped my hands in my pockets and took out the two Twenty shilling coins I had and went back.

Even without saying a word to the gentleman, he told me that they had asked him to buy them tea and his response was that “Chai na Glue haziendi pamoja” meaning “Tea and Glue do not rhyme”. So he had told them he would give them money for tea if they gave him their respective cans of Glue, and those was what he was holding when I passed him. I gave the street kids 20 shillings a piece and walked away a happy man .

This gentleman who from his ascent was not Kenyan, probably Rwandese or Congolese taught me an important lesson; not just about dealing with street kids who want to inhale glue while drinking “Tea” but about negotiation in general…

If you want me to add value to you, you must be willing to give up a vice in return.

Interpret that as you may…

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • March 22, 2010

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