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The Global Social Entrepreneurship Coalition launch at the Global Peace Convention

The Global Social Entrepreneurship Coalition launch at the Global Peace Convention

The Global Social Entrepreneurship Coalition (GSEC) online platform, a project of the Global Peace Service Alliance, will be launched at the upcoming Global Peace Convention, November 17th-21, 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The launch of the platform will be a significant step towards the use of social networks and new media in the advancement of international development.

The current resource scarcity and economic turmoil are likely to increase conflicts in the years ahead, and it has never been more important for people to learn how to live and work together. The Global Peace Service Alliance (GPSA) is embarking on an unprecedented effort to scale up the contribution and role of social entrepreneurship in meeting these challenges.

A Social Entrepreneur is often defined as someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change. GPSA believes that there are many potential social entrepreneurs rooted and working in local communities to bring development solutions.

Social entrepreneurs can also act as peace builders. The following illustrates that: David, a social entrepreneur from Kenya overcame a pressing challenge among Kenya’s slum communities: the open defecation within the community due to poor sanitation facilities and access to clean water.  In most of these communities, conflict over the few available resources often compounded the problem. By focusing on a community business development that initiated what has come to referred to as ‘Dream toilets’, David was able to provide more than one solution; provide access to clean and safe drinking water and proper sanitation, while creating employment for the communities’ youth.  The initiative has also served to bring the community together as they unite in the ownership of this new initiative.

How then does a social entrepreneur in a rural community or village find the support they need in addressing the challenges that they face on a day-to-day basis?

The Global Social Entrepreneurs Coalition (GSEC) seeks to connect social entrepreneurs from around the world, providing them the platform to share their knowledge and experiences, exchange ideas and problem solve on challenges.  Through this global network, social entrepreneurs will have a support network where they will be empowered, educated and inspired to act for their communities’ development and internal security.

The GSEC online platform will be a resource hub that will generate innovative solutions by and for social entrepreneurs around the globe. It will provide online forums for debate and the exchange of ideas.  Also allowing host experts from universities such as Oxford University in various fields to provide mentor-ship, support and feedback on ongoing social entrepreneurial projects.  Facilitating such engagement in communities throughout the world will build a global culture of service and active citizenship.

This cyber-mediated approach will help connect Social Entrepreneurs from around the world and synergize their efforts on a local, as well as on a global scale.

The Global Social Entrepreneurship Coalition (GSEC) online platform is already live and will provide topic and session feeds before, during and after the convention.

In the following easy steps you can join a global coalition that will be working towards positive change in this world through Social Media!!!

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About the Global Peace Convention

The Global Peace Convention, a program of the Global Peace Festival Foundation (GPFF) is a culmination of four regional Global Peace Festivals in South Asia (Nepal), Southeast Asia (Indonesia), Latin America (Paraguay), and Africa (Kenya).  The 2010 Convention will be held at the Kenyatta International Conference Center in Nairobi Kenya and will be a three-fold event — The Global Peace Convention, Global Peace Festival and International Youth Leaders Summit.

His Excellency Hon. Mwai Kibaki, the President of Kenya is the Patron for the Convention and Prime Minister Hon, Raila Odinga the patron of the Festival.  Among the expected participants are leaders from government, civil society, and faith-based organizations, including Nobel Peace Laurette Prof. Wangari Mathaai, Sir. James Mancham, Founding President of Seychelles and Sen. Lilian Samaniego of Paraguay, among others.  The Global Peace Convention is expected to offer a world-level platform to share best practices and develop collaborative strategies in areas of conflict resolution, peace-building, sustainable development, character education / youth empowerment, resource management, and social entrepreneurship.

More information on the convention can be found on the Global Peace Convention website.

  • Marvin Tumbo,
  • November 13, 2010