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The Tandaa Symposium on Film and Animation

The Tandaa Symposium on Film and Animation

The following is a write-up on the Tandaa Symposium on Film and Animation that will be taking place this Thursday, the 6th at the Kenya National Museum – Louis Leakey Auditorium. I will be speaking on how social media affects marketing and distribution of Films today – specifically through targeting the fanbase and monetizing the content. Please read on and register…

In March 2010, the Kenya ICT Board launched the bi-monthly Tandaa Symposium on Local Digital Content. Sponsored by Google, the events explore everything from how to have a compelling presence on online social media networks to opportunities the internet brings to the film and music industry in Kenya. The Symposium will also explore pressing issues like how to manage intellectual property and fight piracy on the internet; how to ensure reliable and secure storage of digital content; localization and mapping opportunities for civil society and businesses in Kenya; how to create social change through new media; and how to make the most of cloud computing to scale-up and offer leading services locally and internationally.

The second symposium: May 6, 2010

The second symposium will explore the opportunities the internet and new technology offer the film and animation industry. A panel of speakers who have used new technology to reduce cost and increase the quality of their products will speak about their experience and insights. The Tandaa Symposium will also feature speakers who have used the internet to distribute their work and grow their fan base. Join us to hear about what inspires Kenyans in the film and animation industry, how they use new media and hear some of their predictions for the future.

As if that wasn’t enough, we will also show lots of trailers of Kenyan films and videos and have a special screening of the Kenyan short film ‘Dawa’.

Event Details

Where: TBC When: May 6, 2010

Program: The Symposium will feature the following topics in depth:

Narratives and narration

There is a global content crisis and animation projects such as Tinga Tinga (Homeboyz) demonstrate that Africa has stories that are interesting and compelling not only for a local audience – but internationally as well. How can we exploit the African tradition of storytelling in this age of new media?

Technology: homegrown innovation

Technology can have a great impact on cost of production and in Kenya entrepreneurial filmmakers, animators and inventors are using innovative techniques to produce their work. This panel will showcase some of Kenya’s innovators in the film and animation industry.

Copyright and leasing rights

Protecting your artistic work is crucial. An expert panel will discuss existing Kenyan laws and policies that protect Kenyans’ creative work.

Distribution: getting it right

As the UK enacts an electronic bill that introduces tough penalties for frequent torrent pirates, speakers on this panel will explore the current options for distribution of digital content. What distribution models will work for Kenya and how can artists take advantage of the internet to widen their audience and fan base?

Beyond Kenya: Reaching a global audience

Kenyan filmmakers and animation artists have their eyes on a regional and international audience. But what is the best way to reach a global audience? This panel will share tips and discuss challenges of reaching a global audience.

How online social networks can grow your fan base

Online social networking platforms offer enormous opportunities for filmmakers, animators and actors. This session will showcase some of the best case-studies of Kenyan filmmakers and animators use of social networks like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Tickets: for a free ticket visit Eventbrite

  • Sammy Kamunge

    Good stuff..I'm following the events intently from Nakuru