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Uhuru Blast and Social Media Reactions

Uhuru Blast and Social Media Reactions


Nairobi-Uhuru-Park - photo by: Richard Jonyo

Yesterday, an unfortunate event occurred at the “NO” campaigns in Uhuru park. There was an explosion and we all reacted to it in one way or the other. The reactions across social networks were telling…

I have a bias for Twitter over Facebook and the reactions to the #Uhurublast revealed more reasons why this is so. I can very confidently say that Twitter is the reserve of an intelligent and mature audience than Facebook. I spend more time on Twitter than Facebook and I was somehow blinded that the reactions by Kenyans to the #UhuruBlast on social networks were as thoughtful as those on Twitter. For Kenyans on Twitter, these were the kind of reactions we saw…

Kenyans on Twitter React

But then this Tweet by Jim Chuchu of Just A Band shows up and the social media reality hits me hard.

Jim Chuchu

Jim Chuchu on Twitter

The link he had there led you to the KTN Kenya Facebook Fanpage where putrid remarks by our young Kenyans with regard to the #UhuruBlast were being unleashed. This is just a glance at what to expect…

Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions

And that leads me to the point of this post.

I expect better from KTN Kenya. The way the comments get out of control is sickening. How hard is it to develop a comment policy; just something simple in one of the pages telling Fans that comments of a certain nature are not allowed and will be deleted… As things stand, I am not amused that idiots spewing vitriol have found a home in the KTN Kenya fanpage and with that an audience of over 43, 000.

I have also not seen anything in terms of moderation; just the push media kind of mentality that TV stations are. From the get-go, people should know that comments of a given nature will not be allowed and it is the moderator’s job to come in and enforce this whenever breached.

What say you?