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What if KPLC was on Twitter?

What if KPLC was on Twitter?

Yesterday night, as it approached midnight, my gtalk icon jumps up as it always does whenever there is new email and a quick glance shows me that KPLC Public Relations is now following me on Twitter. My blood rushed a little bit as I said finally! There has been a steady influx of big companies on Twitter. This started with @KenyaAirways and then we saw @Standardgrp, @nationmedia, @KtnKenya, @sandstormkenya, @batakenya, @SafaricomLtd, @OrangeKenya, and yesterday KPLC joined the ranks of Kenyan companies using Twitter. That was until this morning when after checking, I realized that this is one of those mock accounts like @AlfredMutua that mocks the person/company for their incompetence.

But if KPLC is listening, Twitter is actually their best opportunity not just for PR but the best customer care as well. If you have been using Twitter, then you know that KPLC would be leading among the trending topics in the country because there is always a Kenyan at any one time who is aggrieved by KPLC. If you are not on twitter, a quick search for #KPLC will give you the below and here is the link to more of the same.

KPLC Twitter Search

KPLC Twitter Search Results

Consumer Sentiment

Rarely do we get a black out and not curse KPLC. Pre Twitter, we would just yell out obscenities hoping some poor KPLC bastard who is passing somewhere might hear but with Twitter, we just let it rip over there and the above is the result. There is no mincing of words and if KPLC ever wants to know consumer sentiment, a quick twitter search will be sobering for any PR person. Given the kind of activity that is going on in twitter with regard to KPLC, therein actually lies the opportunity to turn this thing on its head. Instead of having some old hags do a corny advert on TV telling us how they will respond to blackouts within 8 hours when even calls about blackouts to them go unanswered, why not it make it real time?

KPLC Customer Care

Here is my two cents worth to KPLC, get on Twitter. Take a minute to digest all the negative sentiment about you guys and then start work.

  1. Employ a team to monitor twitter channels for any #KPLC hashtag. Listen to what the complaints are and start responding.
  2. Turn it. Ask tweeps who get a blackout to use a particular hashtag for instance #KPLC #Umoja so that you can know which estate has a blackout and direct people there asap.
  3. Take you mulika mwizi campaign to twitter using it as a hashtag. I just long for a TwitPic of those guys stealing fuel from transformers. It will happen…
  4. Use twitter to alert people which estates are set to have blackouts because of repair work so that we do not blast you since we believe it’s another one of your uncalled for blackouts.
  5. Use Twitter as the platform to answer a lot of the questions that your clients have and right now, they are not really questions but rather a resignation to the fate that you just suck.

This was just a quick review. I will soon write a comprehensive post on how KPLC can utilize social media to not only curb the negative sentiments but also on how to overhaul their whole customer care and PR using new media outlets where a majority of Kenyans are now actively participating.

I am sure you can come up with more ways that KPLC can serve you better as a twitter user. Let’s here them in the comments section below…