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Why more Kenyans should start Blogging

Why more Kenyans should start Blogging

I started blogging way back when I was still at the university (2008). My blog – Still Proud to be Kenyan – was the pride of my life back then. Every free time I had would be spent writing a post and boy did I have a lot to say. I blogged on anything and everything and though there were no quantitative gains to what I was doing, I felt I was accomplishing something and that was what kept me going. My friends asked me what the hell I was doing – putting in all this work yet I am not benefitting – you don’t even have Google ads on the blog, they said. What was unknown to them and me at the time was that the posts I was writing were currency in themselves. Through my blog, I met and became friends with incredible personas like Kaasa (welcome back to blogging K, I missed you), Serina (thanks for being the first person to visit and comment on this website) , and Ryan Visser, the gentle man who introduced me to Social Media from a business standpoint and the reason Socialight Media Kenya came to be.

Why the Nostalgia?

Way back then, before Still Proud to be Kenyan, I was an anonymous but pretty opinionated young man. I had the respect of my friends and enemies and but remained pretty much anonymous outside me immediate circle. This immediate circle was limited to a geographical location and that was what irked me just because. But I still had something to say and thanks to my Mum noticing my appreciation of Literature quite early and correcting both my spoken and written English as I grew up, I became quite adept at both. She also gave me her tiny Collins dictionary – which is older than me by the way – and which I have possessed for over a decade now. Anyway, having something to say, being confident in saying it, having confidence in my ability to communicate it, and better yet having an online platform to publish it is what has led me to where I am now, an entrepreneur who is pretty much the leading social media voice in the country. My blogging exposed me to people and situations who/which forced me to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and economically too.

Benefits of Blogging

Sometimes you won’t even notice that you are benefiting from your blogging. It may seem like you tirelessly work to write content that people do not appreciate because the comments on your blog can be counted on one hand. But just like me, somewhere along the road, you will find that the benefits both qualitative and quantitative are immense. Take my case for instance; I got my business idea from someone who was reading my blog. And after launching my business just over 7 months ago, my blogging has ensured I rank highest in search engines for search terms related to social media in Kenya. I have met partners in other business projects that will be launching soon from my blog. I get clients because of the posts I write as opposed to the services page on this website. Last but not least, the Newspaper I respect most in this country, The Business Daily interviewed me on the state of Social Media in Kenya. Have I mentioned the conferences and symposiums I have been invited to speak at?

Toot Your Own Horn

So if you have something to say, get yourself a blog and say it. There are people who are listening and if whatever you are saying is worthwhile, you will see people coming from the woodwork commenting, asking questions, seeking partnerships and the works. Blogs become your platform to develop authority. That is if you are so inclined. With my company blog, my goal has been to develop thought leadership on social media in Kenya which I have done. In my earlier blog, I wrote because I wanted to write and whatever benefits I accrued from it were by chance and not design. But one thing is for sure though, whether by chance or design, no benefits accrue to the non-blogging personas out there especially when you are young and just starting out.

There are people who started out blogging and ended up being approached by publishers to write books. There are people who just from posting YouTube Videos have ended up with record deals. There is a gentleman who just from posting a short YouTube movie has now gotten a movie deal. And just the other day, I saw that the guy behind the hilarious twitter account @shitmydadysays has now received a TV deal for a Comedy Show. And that is the point. You have to get in the game and then see how it all pans out.

What say you? Do you have something to say? How have you benefited from your blogging? Was it by design or chance?

  • Believe it or not am now officially your no.1 fan…Started bloggin 3 weeks ago and every day is a new xperience..(though still trying to navigate my way around)…actually everyday i wake up thinking of a new content to put in my blog.
    I analyse ways of how to innovate new marketing solutions and communications as well as brand positioning and alignment.

    Pay a visit http://ericmwiti.wordpress.com .
    Your valued input will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks bro,keep the fire burning.

  • It's addictive..;)

  • Frankline Sunday

    Really nice. Was doing the same story on blogging in Kenya but on a wider scale and with case studies. Its at the advanced stage of editing and should run in the next week or so. Hope that through partnership between new media and traditional media we might get the word out there and draw more Kenyas into the blogosphere. I would esspecially like to see more journalists blogging. Using the resources of information gathering at their disposal they would be well placed to cover salient issues in the society. Two there are a lot of stories that do not make it to the papers or on screen and it would be nice if they are told through new media other than ending up in the archives.

  • MugweruSN

    The lack of immediate monetary benefits scares them away they always quit and loose consistency, some have goals or just lack a good underlying biz model. Anyway they should know sooner or later benefits iko tena kibao especially if your content is not a whinnying space or worse still about politics.
    Its all about useful local content and man I have been writing a proposal on the same and had to quote you coz I always feel you are my good teacher.
    keep this up and if you can preach this in your area “matatus” and anywhere else you can get a chance. he he he!

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  • Hapo umeongea kama watu tano hehe. Tis true and as Tamaku says, it can be very very addictive! Still love it though

  • joliea

    Oh…FYI: am at http://joliea.wordpress.com and http://twitter.com/joliea

    we were told twitter is a micro-blogging site eh?

  • Marvin Tumbo

    Thanks Eric. I appreciate it. I was under the weather for a while yesterday hence my delayed response.

    It is good you have started blogging. It is quite the experience. I have just opened your website and will let you know what I thing.


  • Marvin Tumbo

    Yes it is. I really feel bad if I haven't blogged in three days.

  • Marvin Tumbo

    Thanks Sunday. Good to know that you are writing on social media. You are right of course. Partnership between traditional and new media will surely bring more Kenyan into the blogosphere. In a previous blog, I even entertained the idea of high school kids writing blogs instead of compositions.

    On Journalists, my sentiments exactly. I hope to see more of you guys blogging and I am talking from news anchors to print journalists. It will be quite something. I will be writing an article on that.


  • Marvin Tumbo


    I have seen many people quit blogging because the Google Ads they thought would make them rich was giving them cents. Google Ads is not a Biz Model.

    If your passion is money when you start blogging, chances are you will never see it. It takes time and a lot of patience for one to develop authority in the niche areas they are blogging about. Once you have authority, the money among other benefits of blogging will start coming your way.

    Matatus, lol. maybe!

  • Marvin Tumbo

    Hi Joliea,

    It is addictive. I cannot go three days without “a shot” of blogging :). I have been following you on twitter for quite a while now. Just reading your blog now though.

  • cool blog Joliea…well balanced content…keep the fire burning

  • joliea

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  • cant be able to the read the contents of your reply..please try again.

  • joliea


  • Ur welkam.

  • joliea

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  • Marvin Tumbo


    I am not sure why your comments are getting swallowed up by coding errors. I deleted the last one. Let me check what could be causing this. Regards.

  • AfricanChild

    I must say, you are truly inspiring.

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  • Thanks for the post. I have been a full-time blogger since 2008 and have pretty much been an underground blogger ever since. I have worked with plenty of websites and companies in the states and my online portfolio has over 3,000 articles up to date. I hope more Kenyans can get blogging and more companies can start using the online space as a marketing platform. Only then can we really see bloggers actually making money.